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15/05/1972 Attempted assassination of George C. Wallace

Wallace was hit in the abdomen and chest, and one of the bullets lodged in Wallace's spinal column, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. A five-hour operation was needed that evening, and Wallace had to receive several units of blood in order to survive. Three others who were wounded in the shooting also survived.


  • Essentials 

  • Early life 

  • Early career 

  • Failed run for governor 

  • Governor of Alabama 

  • Democratic presidential primaries of 1964 

  • 1964 unpledged elector slate 

  • First Gentleman of Alabama 

  • 1968 third-party presidential run 

  • Second term as governor 

  • Democratic presidential primaries of 1972 and assassination attempt 

  • Democratic presidential primaries of 1976 

  • Final term as governor 

  • Marriages and children 

  • Final years and death 

  • Legacy and honors