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C 14-class missile boat


Russia: Ukrainian missile boat Pryluky towed away from Crimea


NATO Military SUPER FAST patrol boat for improved National Security


Iran made Missile boat dubbed Separ joint North Naval fleet, Caspian sea ناوچه موشك انداز سپر


C 14 Boat #13


C14 Boat #9

The C 14 class missile boat is a light missile boat of catamaran designed for use in the Middle East, also known as the China Cat class. The small size of the ship, along with some stealth features provide it with good protection against enemy detection, and it can be armed with a variety of light anti-ship missiles. In addition to the low radar cross section, the boat is also extremely fast with an aluminum monohull with stepped planning and the catamaran design also provides better seaworthiness in comparison to the other boats of similar displacement with a conventional hull. The missile boats have been successfully exported to Iran, where since 2000 it has been in service with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Navy Corps. However, in Chinese service it primarily serves as a trial boat, including testing various light anti-ship missiles and other weaponry for catamarans.
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