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China women's national volleyball team


[Highlight]" China Team "[2017 Volleyball Women's World Grand Champions Cup]


China Women Volleyball Team - 2019 World Cup Champion


Highlight "China Team" [Women's Volleyball World Cup 2015]


Zhu Ting 朱婷 (23 points) dismantles Team USA at the Women's Volleyball World Cup 2019


China women's volleyball team begins 2020 Olympic training

The China women's national volleyball team represents the People's Republic of China in international volleyball competitions and friendly matches, governed by Chinese Volleyball Association. They are one of the leading and most successful squads in women's international volleyball and a worshipful sports team in China, having won nine championships titles in the three major international competitions of volleyball, including World Cup four times, World Championship twice and Olympic Game titles three times. The current head coach is Lang Ping, executive coach is An Jiajie. The team now ranks the first place in the FIVB World Ranking.
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