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TrendingRip Taylor, comedian and game-show personality, dies at 84.


Comedian Rip Taylor dies at age 84 | ABC7


Rip Taylor, comedian, passes away at 84 | USA TODAY


Rip Taylor Dies At 84


Madcap, Confetti-Tossing Comedian Rip Taylor Dead At 84


Comedian Rip Taylor Has Died At 84

Rip Taylor, best known for his energetic game-show appearances and self-described as the "King of Confetti," has died at 84. Taylor died at his home in Beverly Hills. He was known for his over-the-top delivery and penchant for confetti showers. He frequently appeared on TV game shows, and was a judge on “The Gong Show.” That show’s host and creator, Chuck Barris, was so impressed by Taylor’s jokes as a judge that he offered him the position of host of “The $1.98 Beauty Show.” No cause of death was given.