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TrendingLil Pump got bit by a live snake during a music video shoot.


Lil Pump Gets Bitten By a Snake VIDEO


Lil Pump Gets Bitten by Snake While Shooting Music Video


Lil Pump Gets Bit By Snake At Video Shoot


Venomous Snake Bites Lil Pump At At El Alfa El Jefe Coranado Video Shoot


Lil Pump gets bitten by a snake and steps in shit the same day

The rapper was shooting a music video Thursday night and the crew was handing off a snake to Lil Pump, who was sitting on some sort of stair-like throne. Then it happened. The snake, out of nowhere, whipped around and sunk its fangs into Pump's left hand. The rapper tossed the snake and ran off. The scary moment was captured by podcast host Adam Grandmaison.