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A Holiday Reunion – Xfinity 2019


After 37 years, ET the extra-terrestrial reunites with Elliott in TV commercial


Sky Christmas Ad 2019 | E.T. Came Home For Christmas 🎄☝️


ET 2: Spielberg Approved Holiday Reunion with Henry Thomas - Sweet or Sacrilege?

E.T., Elliot and the perfection of John Williams’ music, it’s the Christmas reunion! Sky has released a new Christmas advert, which reunites E.T. with the original Elliot from the movie. The advert follows E.T.’s come back down from space to Earth for a surprise visit his old friend Elliot, played by the original actor, Henry Thomas, and his wife and two children.
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    John Williams

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    E.T. came back with original Elliot
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    Henry Thomas

    In commercial, E.T. gets to try out a bit of

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