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The Beatles’ debut single “Love Me Do” is released in UK on 10/5/1962. The band’s “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was their introduction to America in late December 1963. It went straight to #1 as did “Love Me Do” after it was released in US In April 1964. https://t.co/93Nk1IVhIK


#OnThisDay 1969: Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman got married in London. Some fans of The Beatles were very “happy” for the couple, even if it didn’t look that way. https://t.co/lD6Cu1adfa

The Beatles releases their first album 'Please Please Me' today in 1963. The group caused a minor revolution with their debut album, which was recorded in a single day but which topped the charts for 30 weeks. Here are some interesting facts about The Beatles.