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W. C. Fields

William Claude Dukenfield, better known as W. C. Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler and writer. Fields' comic persona was a misanthropic and hard-drinking egotist, who remained a sympathetic character despite his snarling contempt for dogs and children.

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Dieter Hallervorden

Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden is a German comedian, comic actor, singer and cabaret artist.


Lisa Eckhart

Lisa Eckhart is an Austrian poetry slammer and cabaret artist.

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Wim Sonneveld

Willem "Wim" Sonneveld was a Dutch cabaret artist and singer. Together with Toon Hermans and Wim Kan, he is considered to be one of the 'Great Three' of Dutch cabaret. Sonneveld is generally viewed as a Dutch cultural icon for his work and legacy in theatre, musicals and music.


Jimmie Daniels

James "Jimmie" Lesley Daniels was a cabaret performer, actor, model, nightclub owner, and he was part of the Harlem Renaissance.

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Gerard Cox

Gerardus Antonius "Gerard" Cox is a Dutch singer, cabaret artist and actor. For fifteen years, he played the lead character of the Dutch sitcom Toen Was Geluk Heel Gewoon.

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Klaus Havenstein

Klaus Havenstein, was a German actor, cabaret artist, dubbing artist and television presenter.

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Ina Müller

Ina Müller is a German singer-songwriter, comedian, television host, and author.

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Hagen Rether

Hagen Rether is a German political cabaret artist and musician. The most remarkable features in his performance are usually the presence and use of a grand piano. He was a frequent contributor to the German Kabarett TV show Scheibenwischer.

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Drs. P

Heinz Hermann Polzer, better known under his pseudonym Drs. P, was a Swiss singer-songwriter, poet, and prose writer in the Dutch language. Other pseudonyms were Geo Staad, Coos Neetebeem and drandus P. He had a characteristic, cracking, voice.

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Wim Kan

Willem Cornelis "Wim" Kan was a Dutch cabaret artist. Together with Toon Hermans and Wim Sonneveld, he is considered to be one of the Great Three of Dutch cabaret.

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Franciska Gaal

Franciska Gaal was a Hungarian cabaret artist and film actress of Jewish heritage. Gaal starred in a popular series of European romantic comedies during the 1930s. After attracting interest in Hollywood she moved there and made three films.


Louis Davids

Simon David better known as Louis Davids was a Dutch cabaretier and revueartist and is widely considered one of the Netherlands biggest names in performing arts.

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Gerhard Bronner

Gerhard Bronner was an Austrian composer, writer, musician and a cabaret artist, known for his contribution to Austrian culture in the post-World War II period.