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Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known by his stage name Steve-O, is an actor, stunt performer, producer, stand-up comedian, author, musician and clown. He holds British, American and Canadian citizenship. His entertainment career is mostly centered on his performance stunts on the American TV series Jackass, its related movies, and its spin-off series Wildboyz.

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Bill Irwin

William Mills Irwin is an American actor, clown, and comedian. He began as a vaudeville-style stage performer and has been noted for his contribution to the renaissance of American circus during the 1970s. He has also made a number of appearances on film and television, and he won a Tony Award for his role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf on Broadway. He is also known as Mr. Noodle on the Sesame Street spinoff Elmo's World, has appeared in the Sesame Street film short Does Air Move Things?, and regularly appears as a therapist on Law and Order: SVU.

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Slava Polunin

Vyacheslav Ivanovich “Slava” Polunin PAR is a Russian performance artist and clown. He is the creator of the stage spectacles Asisyai-revue, Slava's Snowshow and Diabolo.

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Chocolat (clown)

Chocolat was the stage name of Rafael, a clown who performed in a Paris circus around the turn of the 20th century. Rafael was of Afro-Cuban descent and was one of the earliest successful black entertainers in modern France. He was the first black clown to play a lead role in a circus pantomime act, and with his longtime partner George Foottit they revolutionized the art of clowning by pairing the sophisticated white clown with the foolish auguste clown.


Philippe Gaulier

Philippe Gaulier is a French master clown, pedagogue, and professor of theatre. He is the founder of École Philippe Gaulier, a prestigious French theatre school in Étampes, outside Paris. He studied under Jacques Lecoq in the mid-1960s and was an instructor at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in the late 1970s. As well as performing as a clown, he is also a playwright and director. He has published The Tormentor, a book discussing his thoughts on the theatre and containing exercises designed to develop an actor's skill.


Nicolai Poliakoff

Nicolai Poliakoff OBE was the creator of Coco the Clown, arguably the most famous clown in the UK during the middle decades of the 20th century. Technically, Coco is an Auguste, the foolish character who is always on the receiving end of buckets of water and custard pies. The auguste often works with the more clever white-faced clown, who always gets the better of him.

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Oleg Popov

Oleg Konstantinovich Popov was a Soviet and Russian clown and circus artist. People's Artist of the USSR (1969).


James H. Allen

James H. Allen was an American actor who portrayed the clown character Rusty Nails and was the host of various children's television shows in the Portland, Oregon television market from 1957–1972. His program on KPTV was the second-longest running children's program in Portland, second only to Ramblin' Rod Anders.


George Foottit

George Foottit was an English clown who found fame on the Paris circus scene. He is famous for being part of the clown duo "Foottit and Chocolat".


Yuri Kuklachyov

Yuri Dmitrievich Kuklachyov is a Soviet and Russian clown who was awarded the title People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1986). He is known for his work with cats.


Russell Scott

Russell Scott, also known as Blinky the Clown, was an American clown and television personality and presenter who starred in a Denver, Colorado television program called Blinky's Fun Club. Having spent 41 years on television in character, Scott holds the record as longest-running television clown in history, as well as the longest running children's television host in the United States.

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Pierre Étaix

Pierre Étaix was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. Étaix made a series of short- and feature-length films in the 1960s, many of them co-written by influential screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière. He won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 1963. Due to a legal dispute with a distribution company, his films were unavailable from the 1970s until 2009.

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Yuri Nikulin

Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin was a well-known Soviet and Russian actor and clown who starred in many popular films.

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Dimitri (clown)

Dimitri Jakob Muller, known as Dimitri was a Swiss clown and mime artist. He later changed his name to Jakob Dimitri.

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Jango Edwards

Jango Edwards is an American clown and entertainer who has spent most of his career in Europe, primarily in France, Spain, Netherlands, and England.