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Stereosternum tumidum is an extinct genus of mesosaur marine reptile from the Early Permian of Brazil and also the Great Karoo Basin of South Africa. The taxon mesosaur is a monophyletic group containing Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis and Mesosaurus tenuidens.



Brazilosaurus is an extinct genus of mesosaur which lived during the early Permian of what is now Brazil. It is known from a skeleton recovered from the Assistencia Member of the Irati Formation, in the Paraná Basin. It was named by T. Shikama and H. Ozaki in 1966 and the type species is Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis.



Australothyris is an extinct genus of basal procolophonomorph parareptile known from the Middle Permian of Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone, South Africa. It was first named by Sean P. Modesto, Diane M. Scott, and Robert R. Reisz in 2009. The type and only known species is Australothyris smithi.


Candelaria (reptile)

Candelaria is an extinct genus of owenettid parareptile. It was the first procolomorph discovered in the Santa Maria Formation at the geopark of Paleorrota, in the town of Candelária, by Llewellyn Ivor Price in 1942 and described in 1947. The skull and mandibule has been measured at 20 millimetres (0.79 in) in height. It was about 40 centimetres (16 in) long and lived during the Ladinian in the Middle Triassic, from about 242 to 235 million years ago.