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Peter Ostrum

Peter Gardner Ostrum is an American veterinarian and former child actor whose only film role was as Charlie Bucket in the 1971 motion picture Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


Chris Brown (veterinarian)

Chris Brown is an Australian veterinarian, television personality and author. He is best known for his television series Bondi Vet, which began screening in 2009. He hosts "The Open Road with Doctor Chris" on CBS. He is known to also be a big advocate for Pedigree, appearing in multiple ads. He is also a regular guest panellist on The Project and a co-host on The Living Room, as well as being a co-host on the Australian series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

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James Rollins

James Rollins is a pen name of James Paul Czajkowski, an American veterinarian and writer of action-adventure/thriller, mystery, and techno-thriller novels who gave up his veterinary practice in Sacramento, California to be a full-time author. Rollins' experiences and expertise as an amateur spelunker and a certified scuba diver have provided content for some of his novels, which are often set in underground or underwater locations. Under the pen name James Clemens, he has also published fantasy novels, such as Wit'ch Fire, Wit'ch Storm, Wit'ch War, Wit'ch Gate, Wit'ch Star, Shadowfall (2005) and Hinterland (2006).

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Danielle Spencer (American actress)

Danielle Spencer is an American actress and former child star best known for her role as Dee Thomas on the ABC sitcom What's Happening!!, which ran from 1976 to 1979. She would later reprise the role on the series' sequel, What's Happening Now!!

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Bruce Fogle

Bruce Fogle, is a veterinarian and prolific author of pet care books and travel narratives. Canadian by birth, he has lived and worked in London for over 40 years.


Leonid Stadnyk

Leonid Stepanovych Stadnyk was a Ukrainian man who stood at 8 feet or 2.44 meters tall.

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Ralph Abraham (politician)

Ralph Lee Abraham Jr., is an American physician and former veterinarian from Alto, Louisiana, who won election on December 6, 2014, as a Republican to represent Louisiana's 5th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.


Fritz Tornow

Fritz Tornow was a Feldwebel in the German Army who served as Adolf Hitler's personal dog-handler. He was one of the last people to occupy the Führerbunker when it was captured by Soviet Red Army troops.

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John Ensign

John Eric Ensign is an American veterinarian and former politician based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a Congressman and United States Senator from Nevada, serving in the latter seat from January 2001 until May 2011. He resigned amid a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.

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Harry Cooper (veterinarian)

Harry Leonard Cooper,, is an Australian veterinarian and television personality who is best known for his media appearances.

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Hwang Woo-suk

Hwang Woo-suk is a South Korean veterinarian and researcher. He was a professor of theriogenology and biotechnology at Seoul National University who became infamous for fabricating a series of experiments, which appeared in high-profile journals, in the field of stem cell research. Until November 2005, he was considered one of the pioneering experts in the field, best known for two articles published in the journal Science in 2004 and 2005 where he reported he had succeeded in creating human embryonic stem cells by cloning. He was called the "Pride of Korea" in South Korea.

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Yuichiro Miura

Yuichiro Miura is a Japanese alpinist who in 2003, at age 70, became the oldest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This record was later broken by himself. Miura had two heart surgeries for cardiac arrhythmia, in 2006 and 2007. On May 23, 2013 Miura again became the oldest person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 80. This achievement is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He was unable to make the descent after reaching the top, and was airlifted from Advanced Base Camp at 6500 meters, not walking down to the Base Camp at 5364 metre. Famous alpinists, like Ken Noguchi, question Miura's achievement and say that you can’t call a climb “complete” unless you walk all the way down the mountain, too.

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Jeff Werber

Dr. Jeff Werber, DVM is an American veterinarian and veterinary medical journalist. Werber has hosted the television series "Lassie's Pet Vet," as well as appearing as a pet-topic contributor on such programs as "The Dr. Oz Show," "Rachael Ray," and "Fox & Friends".


James A. Colescott

James Arnold Colescott was an American who was Imperial Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Under financial pressure from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for back taxes, he disbanded the second wave of the original Ku Klux Klan in 1944.

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Ted Yoho

Theodore Scott Yoho is the United States Representative for Florida's 3rd congressional district since 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party. In the 2012 Republican primary election for the district, Yoho pulled a major upset against long term incumbent U.S. Congressman Cliff Stearns, who was first elected in 1988. Yoho has been a veterinarian and small business owner for the past 30 years, serving the North Central Florida area.