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Sandra Lee (dermatologist)

Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is an American dermatologist operating out of Upland, California. In 2010 Lee began uploading videos to YouTube but did not begin to heavily post content until 2015, after she noticed the popularity of her Instagram videos of skin extractions. In exchange for written client permission to record and post content, Lee offers patients discounted or free treatment.


Norman Orentreich

Norman Orentreich is a New York dermatologist and the father of modern hair transplantation.


Arnold Klein

Arnold William "Arnie" Klein was an American dermatologist.


Albert Kligman

Albert Montgomery Kligman was a dermatologist who co-invented Retin-A, the acne medication, with James Fulton in 1969. Kligman is also known for the medical research he performed on inmates at Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia and the scandal it generated years later.


Moritz Kaposi

Moritz Kaposi was a Hungarian physician and dermatologist who discovered the skin tumor that received his name.

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Ernő László

Ernő László was a Hungarian-born American dermatologist and cosmetics businessman who founded The Ernő László Institute.


Camille Cabral

Camille Cabral is a French-Brazilian politician and dermatologist. The first transsexual woman to be elected in the history of the French Republic, she is also the founder of the non-governmental organisation PASTT – Prévention, Action, Santé, Travail pour les Transgenres.


John Addison Fordyce

John Addison Fordyce was an American dermatologist, whose name is associated with Fordyce's spot,, Angiokeratoma of Fordyce, Brooke–Fordyce trichoepithelioma, and Fox–Fordyce disease.


William James Erasmus Wilson

Sir William James Erasmus Wilson FRCS FRS, generally known as Sir Erasmus Wilson, was an English surgeon and dermatologist.


Deepali Bhardwaj

Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj is a Dermatologist[1][2] and Aestheticianne of Indian origin. She qualified MBBS from Bharti Vidyapeeth University, D.V.D.L. from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, MD Dermatology from USAIM, Seychelles. And M.Phil Cosmetology. Presently, she is operating her own cosmetic and dermatology clinics in New Delhi and till recently 2018 from the year 2015 she was on panel with President Estate Clinic, Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi too. She is the member of numerous dermatology associations and organizations and has bagged many international fellowships like EADV at Munich, Germany and ISD at Tehran, Iran and IADVL and also awards including Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award,[3] Karamveer Award,[4] Chikitsa Ratan and Priyadarshini Award.


Edvard Ehlers

Edvard Laurits Ehlers was a Danish dermatologist whose name was given to a group of genetic misfunctions of connective tissue, called Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS).


Ernst Kromayer

Ernst Kromayer was a German dermatologist. He was the younger brother of historian Johannes Kromayer (1859–1934).


Lidia Rudnicka

Lidia Rudnicka is a Polish-American dermatologist with contributions to the field of scleroderma research, hair diseases and melanoma prevention.


Karl Herxheimer

Karl Herxheimer was a German-Jewish dermatologist who was a native of Wiesbaden.


Leslie Baumann

Leslie Baumann, M.D. is an American dermatologist, author, and researcher based in Miami, Florida. She founded the Cosmetic Dermatology Center at the University of Miami in 1997 and is the founder and CEO of the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute.