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Wars and warfare

Georgios Grivas

Georgios Grivas, also known by his nom de guerre Digenis (Διγενής), which he adopted while in EOKA, was a Cyprus-born general in the Greek Army, leader of the EOKA guerrilla organisation.

Wars and warfare

Mehdi Huseynzade

Lieutenant Mehdi Huseynzade was an Azerbaijani guerrilla and scout during World War II. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union on April 11, 1957.

Wars and warfare

Teuku Umar

Teuku Umar was a leader of a guerrilla campaign against the Dutch in Aceh during the Aceh War. He fell when Dutch troops launched a surprise attack in Meulaboh. His body was buried in the Mugo area. After Teuku Umar's death, his wife Cut Nyak Dhien continued to lead the guerrillas against the Dutch. He was later made a Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia.

Wars and warfare

Simeon Cuba Sarabia

Simeón Cuba Sarabia, also known as Willy, was a member of the Ñancahuazú guerrilla column led by Che Guevara in Bolivia. Born in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia, he became a leader among tin miners in Huanuni and served as the secretary of organization and secretary of militias of the local mine workers' union. He also carried out various social service activities for the benefit of the miners' families. Cuba Sarabia joined the Communist Party of Bolivia (PCB) but resigned from it in 1965 to become a member of the Bolivian Marxist–Leninist Party which favored armed struggle. When he urged that group to put its principles into practice, he was expelled from it along with Moisés Guevara. It was Moisés Guevara who brought him into Che Guevara's Ñancahuazú guerrilla group in March 1967.

Wars and warfare

Gerardo Aguilar Ramírez

Gerardo Aguilar Ramírez, known by his nom de guerre César, was a Colombian guerrilla leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He was the commander of the Eastern Bloc's 1st Front. For five years he was in charge of FARC's hostages, including former presidential candidate Íngrid Betancourt. On July 2, 2008, the hostages were rescued in Operation Jaque and César was arrested.

Art, Politics, Wars and warfare

Douglas Bravo

Douglas Ignacio Bravo Mora is a Venezuelan politician and former guerrilla fighter.

Politics, Wars and warfare

Boris Kidrič

Boris Kidrič was one of the chief organizers of the Slovene Partisans, the Slovene resistance against occupation by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy after the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941. He became the de facto leader of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People. As such, he had a crucial role in the anti-Fascist liberation struggle in Slovenia between 1941 and 1945. After World War II he was, together with Edvard Kardelj, a leading Slovenian politician in Titoist Yugoslavia.

Politics, Wars and warfare

Chin Peng

Chin Peng, former OBE, born Ong Boon Hua was a long-time leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). A determined anti-colonialist, he led the party's guerrilla insurgency in the Malayan Emergency, fighting against British and Commonwealth forces in an attempt to establish an independent communist state. After the MCP's defeat and subsequent Malayan independence, Chin waged a second campaign against Malaya and, after 1963, the new state of Malaysia in an attempt to replace its government with a communist one from exile, until signing the Peace Agreement of Hat Yai 1989 with the Malaysian government in 1989.

Politics, Wars and warfare

Antonio Navarro Wolff

Antonio José Navarro Wolff is an engineer, a former combatant and a Colombian politician, currently serving as a member of the Senate of Colombia.

Politics, Wars and warfare

Andrés Pascal Allende

Andrés Pascal Allende is a Chilean Marxist dissident and nephew of former President Salvador Allende. He is of Basque and Belgian descent.

Wars and warfare

Alfonso Cano

Guillermo León Sáenz Vargas, more commonly known by his nom de guerre Alfonso Cano, was the commander of the militant group known as Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. He succeeded founder Manuel Marulanda in March 2008 and commanded the Marxist rebel group until being killed in action by the Colombian Army.

Art, Wars and warfare

Alenka Gerlovič

Alenka Gerlovič was a Slovene painter.

Art, Wars and warfare

Božidar Jakac

Božidar Jakac was a Slovene Expressionist, Realist and Symbolist painter, printmaker, art teacher, photographer and filmmaker. He produced one of the most extensive oeuvres of pastels and oil paintings, drawings and, above all, prints in Slovenia. He was also one of the key organizers in the establishment of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and the International Biennal of Graphic Art in Ljubljana.

Wars and warfare

Mariya Osipova

Mariya Osipova was the Soviet partisan who provided Yelena Mazanik with the bomb she used to kill Wilhelm Kube, a high-ranking SS officer and the General-Kommissar of Nazi-occupied Belarus. For doing so Osipova and her co-conspirators were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on 29 October 1943.

Wars and warfare

Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov

Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov was a Soviet intelligence agent and partisan who operated in Nazi-occupied Ukraine during World War II and who personally killed six high-ranking German officials. His file is still not fully disclosed and will be held until 2025 in the FSB archives. It was not until 1990 that Kuznetsov was officially recognized as a NKVD agent. He used several pseudonyms during his intelligence operations: e.g. Rudolf Schmidt, Nikolai Vasilevitsh Grachev and Oberleutnant Paul Siebert. Kuznetsov was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.