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Mars landing

The Polar Lander was the first attempt to land on Mars since the Mars Pathfinder mission of 1997. It was a 290-kilogram robotic spacecraft lander launched by NASA and it was to carry out a 90-day primary mission followed by an extended mission lasting until a terminal hardware failure.

Naturalist, artist and author Joy Adamson dies

Adamson's body had been found by her assistant on a road near her camp in Mawson. Her injuries were caused by stabs from a sword-like weapon, not by a lion's fangs and claws. The true story behind Joy Adamson's death remains a mystery. Shortly after her death, Adamson's final book, Queen of Shaba, came out, which detailed her studies on leopards.

Apple is registered in the Commercial Register

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak officially incorporate the Apple Computer Corporation. Wayne sold his share of the company back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800 and Mike Markkula Jr. becomes the first chairman of Apple after his investment. They also decided to move company outside of Steve Jobs parent’s garage and rent a building in Cupertino.

The first electric watch

Hamilton introduced the world's first electric watch, the Hamilton Electric 500. It was available in a variety of non-traditional asymmetrical case styles, including the Ventura that was designed by Richard Arbib. The watch was worn by Elvis Presley, who also featured in the movie Blue Hawaii.

American computer scientist Seymour Papert is born

Papert is most known for his invention of the Logo computer programming language, together with Wally Feurzeig and Cynthia Solomon. The logo is used mainly for education in computer programming. The programmer commands a turtle which draws pictures in the sand with its tail. The name of the language was derived from Greek logos meaning “word” or “thought.”

The first artificial nuclear transmutation of elements

Ernest Rutherford had found out how to artificially induce a nuclear reaction in a stable element. He had discovered peculiar radiations when alphas were projected into the air and narrowed the effect down to the nitrogen, not the oxygen in the air. Nuclear reactions were Rutherford’s main focus for the rest of his scientific career.

American astronomer William Wilson Morgan is born

William Wilson Morgan, the astronomer who discovered the spiral structure of the Milky Way galaxy. For more than 60 years a specialist in astronomical morphology. His investigations of starlight and the distances and arrangement of stars led to the discovery that gained him wide recognition in science.

The drinking straw is patented by Marvin C. Stone

A drinking straw is a tube for transferring a beverage from its container to the mouth of the drinker. Marvin Stone subsequently used paraffin-coated manila paper to improve durability and patented his design. He came upon the idea while drinking a mint julep on a hot day in Washington, D.C.

English astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth is born

Smyth was English astronomer who was Astronomer Royal for Scotland for over 40 years. He made successful experimental observations on the peaks of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the first use of a high-level Observatory. Smyth was very interested in the construction, dimensions, and purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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