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Turkish Airlines Flight 6491 crashes

The aircraft, the Boeing 747-400F, crashed en route from Hong Kong to Istanbul via Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It crashed during landing at its scheduled stopover Manas International Airport in Bishkek. All 4 people on board and 35 people on the ground died in the accident.

American astronaut Eugene Andrew Cernan dies

Eugene Cernan was an astronaut, naval aviator, electrical engineer, aeronautical engineer, and fighter pilot. He became the 11th person to walk on the Moon. He died in a hospital in Houston at the age of 82. Cernan was laid to rest with full military honors at Texas State Cemetery.

Burkina Faso hotel attack

Gunmen armed with heavy weapons attacked the Cappuccino restaurant and the Splendid Hotel in the heart of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. The number of fatalities reached 30, while at least 56 were wounded. A total of 176 hostages were released after a government counter-attack into the next morning as the siege ended.

The first Broadway revival of "Machinal" opens

Machinal is a 1928 play by American playwright and journalist Sophie Treadwell, inspired by the real-life case of convicted and executed murderer Ruth Snyder. Its Broadway premiere, directed by Arthur Hopkins, is considered one of the highpoints of Expressionist theatre on the American stage.

The 150th episode of How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS

"46 Minutes" is the 14th episode of the seventh season of HIMYM. Marshall and Lily adjust to their new suburban home meanwhile the rest of the gang copes with the distance caused by Marshall and Lily's move to the suburbs.

The 68th Golden Globes are held

The host of the awards ceremony was Ricky Gervais. Robert De Niro was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. The Social Network won four awards, the most of any film, which beat The King's Speech, entering the ceremony with the most nominations, but won just one.


Lionel Messi scores his 100th league goal for Barcelona

In the 84th minute, he scored his record 100th club goal from just outside the six-yard box. At 22 years, six months, and 22 days old, he was the youngest player in club history to score a century. But he didn't stop there, adding another in the first minute of stoppage time to extend the final score to 4-0.

Spacecraft Stardust returns to Earth with comet dust

It was a robotic probe launched 1999. Its primary mission was to collect dust samples from the coma of comet Wild 2, as well as samples of cosmic dust, and return these to Earth for analysis. It was the first sample return mission of its kind. En route to comet Wild 2, the craft also flew by and studied the asteroid 5535 Annefrank.


Rookie Alex Ovechkin scores an iconic goal

Knocked down by Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Paul Mara and sliding on his back facing away from the net, Ovechkin was able to hook the puck with one hand on his stick and slide it into the net past goalie Brian Boucher for his second goal of the night.

Golden Globes ceremony airs on Monday

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony aired on Monday rather than its traditional Sunday after the previous year ceremony's ratings were negatively impacted by Desperate Housewives. Brokeback Mountain stole the night on the film side, with four awards, followed by Walk the Line with three.

The 62nd Golden Globes are held

Golden Globe Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The Aviator won the most awards, with 3, including Best Motion Picture – Drama or Leonardo DiCaprio as best performing actor. Jason Bateman won his first Best Actor Golden Globe for Arrested Development. The ceremony's ratings were negatively impacted by the popularity of Desperate Housewives.

The Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew blasted off

STS-107 was the 113th flight of the Space Shuttle program and the disastrous final flight of Space Shuttle Columbia. During its time in orbit, the mission conducted a multitude of international scientific experiments. The members of the crew were killed when Columbia disintegrated during reentry into the atmosphere.

Brandy is at #1 on the US singles chart with "Have You Ever?"

"Have You Ever?" is a song by American recording artist Brandy Norwood. The ballad was written by Diane Warren, with production handled by David Foster, and was recorded by Norwood for her second studio album, Never Say Never. It was released as the album's third single during the fall of 1998.

The twelve-year civil war in El Salvador ends

The Salvadoran Civil War was a conflict between the military-led government of El Salvador and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, a coalition of five left-wing guerrilla groups. The full-fledged civil war lasted for more than 12 years and saw extreme violence from both sides.

George Harrison is at #1 on the US singles chart

"Got My Mind Set on You" is a song written and composed by Rudy Clark and originally recorded by James Ray in 1962, under the title "I've Got My Mind Set on You". An edited version of the song was released later in the year as a single on the Dynamic Sound label. In 1987, George Harrison released a cover version of the song as a single.


NFL team St Louis Cardinals announce move to Phoenix

In 1988, Bidwill announced his decision to relocate to Arizona. Consequentially, the NFL team owners voted to allow Bidwill to move the Cardinals from St. Louis to Phoenix, Arizona for the 1988 NFL season. The team became the Phoenix Cardinals.

Belinda Carlisle scores her first UK #1 single

Heaven Is a Place on Earth is a song by Belinda Carlisle that was featured on her second album, Heaven on Earth. It was released as the album's lead single and hit the No. 1 in the UK, holding the top spot of UK Singles Chart for two weeks, before it was succeeded by I Think We're Alone Now.


Ivan Lendl intentionally loses a match in Volvo Masters

Jimmy Connors routed Ivan Lendl, 7-6, 6-1, last night and then complained about Lendl's performance in the second set of their match in the $400,000 Volvo Masters tennis tournament.

Paul McCartney is jailed in Tokyo for 10 days

They arrested McCartney and brought him to a local jail while the Japanese government decided what to do. After ten days, they released and deported him without charge.

American actor Lin-Manuel Miranda is born

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American composer, lyricist, playwright, singer, and actor widely known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. He co-wrote the songs for Walt Disney Animation Studios' Moana soundtrack and co-starred in the film Mary Poppins Returns.

Ted Cassidy, who played Lurch in the Addams Family, dies aged 46

Cassidy underwent surgery at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles to have a non-malignant tumor removed from his heart. While recovering at home, complications arose several days later and he was readmitted. In 1979, Cassidy died at age 46 at St. Vincent Medical Center.

The Shah of Iran departs his country

Mohammad Reza Shah was the Shah of Iran from 1941 until his overthrow by the Iranian Revolution in 1979. He pursued a rapid industrial and military expansion as well as economic and social reforms. After his departure from the country, the Iranian monarchy was formally abolished, and Iran was declared an Islamic republic.

The final episode of the Western series Bonanza airs on ABC

Bonanza is an NBC television western series that ran from 1959 to 1973. Lasting 14 seasons and 431 episodes, Bonanza is NBC's longest-running western, and ranks overall as the second-longest-running western series on U.S. network television, behind CBS's Gunsmoke, and within the top 10 longest-running, live-action American series.

Lunakhod 2 lands on Moon

It was a robotic rover deployed by the Luna 21 spacecraft. The primary objectives of the mission were to collect images of the lunar surface, examine ambient light levels to determine the feasibility of astronomical observations from the Moon, perform laser ranging experiments from Earth, observe solar X-rays and measure local magnetic fields.


The Dallas Cowboys win their first Super Bowl

The Cowboys defeated the Dolphins by the score of 24–3, to win their first Super Bowl. The game was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, the second time the Super Bowl was played in that city. Despite the southerly location, it was unseasonably cold at the time, making this the coldest Super Bowl ever played.

First docking of two manned spacecrafts

Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 4 docked with her sister Soyuz 5. The radio call sign of the crew was 'Amur', while Soyuz 5 was 'Baikal'. This referred to the trans-Siberian railway project called the Baikal-Amur Mainline, which was under construction at the time. Cosmonauts Aleksei Yeliseyev and Yevgeny Khrunov have been transferred between the vessels.

Crab pulsar is detected

The Crab pulsar is a remnant of a supernova observed in 1054. It lies seven thousand light years from the Sun. It was a first pulsar connected with a supernova. It could be discovered 19 years earlier. In 1950 it was spotted by a woman at the University of Chicago's telescope. She told it to the astronomer, but he did not believe her.

American engineer Robert Van de Graaff dies

He is noted for his design and construction of high-voltage Van de Graaff generator. It is a device which uses a moving belt to accumulate an electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials. This inspired the band of the same name, founded in 1967.

"Come See About Me" is #1 on the US singles chart

"Come See About Me" is a 1964 song recorded by the Supremes for the Motown label. The song became third of five consecutively released Supremes songs to top the Billboard pop singles chart in the United States. It topped the chart twice, non-consecutively, being toppled by and later replacing the Beatles' "I Feel Fine".

"Hello, Dolly!" opens at St James Theater NYC

Hello, Dolly! is a musical with lyrics and music by Jerry Herman. The musical won 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, a record held for 37 years. The show has become one of the most enduring musical theater hits, with 4 Broadway revivals and international success.

Angioplasty is first performed by Charles Dotter

Dotter saved a leg to 82-year-old woman with painful leg ischemia and gangrene. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive, endovascular procedure to widen narrowed or obstructed arteries or veins, typically to treat arterial atherosclerosis. A deflated balloon attached to a catheter s passed over a guide-wire into the narrowed vessel and then inflated to a fixed size.

English journalist and host of Grand Tour James May is born

English television presenter and journalist, who was born in Bristol, England. He is currently presenting the television series The Grand Tour, but so far is best known as a co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond from 2003 until 2015.

The first non-stop around the world flight

Three United States Air Force Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses became the first jet aircraft to circle the world nonstop. They made the journey in 45 hours and 19 minutes, using in-flight refueling to stay aloft. The mission was intended to demonstrate that the United States had the ability to drop a hydrogen bomb anywhere in the world.

Production of the Ford series F pick-up truck begins

A series of light-duty trucks and medium-duty trucks (Class 2-7). While most variants of the F-Series trucks are full-size pickup trucks, the F-Series also includes chassis cab trucks and commercial vehicles. It has been the best-selling pickup in the US and Canada.

John Carpenter, a director of horror movies, is born

John Howard Carpenter is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, and musician. Although Carpenter has worked with various film genres, he is associated most commonly with horror, action, and science fiction films of the 1970s and 1980s.

Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker

The Führerbunker was an air-raid shelter located near the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Germany. It was part of a whole bunker complex and it was the last of the Führer Headquarters. Hitler married Eva Braun here during the last week of April 1945, shortly before they committed suicide.

Opera singer Marilyn Horne is born

Marilyn Horne is an American mezzo-soprano opera singer. She specialized in roles requiring beauty of tone, excellent breath support, and the ability to execute difficult coloratura passages. She is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts and the Kennedy Center Honors. She has won four Grammy Awards.

American zoologist Dian Fossey is born

She is most known for her book Gorillas in the Mist. It combines her scientific study of the gorillas at Karisoke Research Center with her own personal story. It was adapted into a 1988 film of the same name. Dian Fossey studied groups of mountain gorilla over a period of 18 years. She was encouraged by anthropologist Louis Leakey.

Prohibition begins in USA

Prohibition in the USA was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages that lasted until 1933. Prohibition supporters, called drys, presented it as a victory for public morals and health. It began when the 18th Amendment went into effect.

American scientist Jerome Horwitz is born

Horwitz synthesized a compound that was to become known as zidovudine, an antiviral drug used to treat HIV patients. Zidovudine was initially developed as a treatment for cancer. Horwitz was also first to synthesize stavudine and zalcitabine - two other reverse transcriptase inhibitors used in the treatment of HIV patients.

German biochemist Leonor Michaelis is born

He is known for his work with Maud Menten on enzyme kinetics. They formulated the Michaelis–Menten equation which relates the reaction rate (speed of product formation) to the concentration of a substrate. It is a simplistic equation, but a useful one. Biochemical reactions involving a single substrate are often assumed to follow Michaelis–Menten kinetics.

"Saul" is first performed at the King's Theatre in London

Saul is a dramatic oratorio in three acts written by George Frideric Handel with a libretto by Charles Jennens. Taken from the First Book of Samuel, the story of Saul focuses on the first king of Israel's relationship with his eventual successor, David.

The Roman Empire is established

The Roman Empire was the post-Roman Republic period of the ancient Roman civilization. It had a government headed by emperors and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, North Africa, and West Asia. The city of Rome served as its capital until the seat of the imperial government was shifted to Constantinople.

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