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Wildfires in Chile

A series of wildfires burned across Chile, killing at least 11 people. The fires also destroyed the town of Santa Olga in the central Maule Region and displaced thousands of people. In response to the fires, the Chilean government declared a state of emergency.

Donald Trump is inaugurated as 45th President of the USA

Donald Trump was formerly known as a businessman and reality television personality from New York City. He won the presidential election over the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, even though she won a plurality of the popular vote. He is the 5th person to win the presidency but lose the popular vote.

ABBA team up for the first time since it's break up in 1982

All 4 original members of ABBA made a public appearance at Mamma Mia! The Party in Stockholm. British manager Simon Fuller later announced in a statement that the group would be reuniting to work on a new 'digital entertainment experience'. The project is to feature the members in their "life-like" hologram form based on their late 1970s tour.

'Our Mother's Brief Affair' opens on Broadway

The play opened on Broadway at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club starring Linda Lavin. On the verge of death for the umpteenth time, Anna makes a shocking confession to her grown children: an affair from her past that just might have resonance beyond the family. With razor-sharp wit and extraordinary insight, Our Mother’s Brief Affair considers the sweeping, surprising impact of indiscretions both large and small.

Fiat took a large stake in Chrysler

The Fiat Group acquired a 20% stake in US automaker Chrysler. The deal marked the return of the Fiat brand to the USA after a 25-year absence. Fiat 500 was the 1st model to appear in the U.S. The model is built at Chrysler's assembly plant in Toluca, Mexico. In North America, Fiat is also selling Fiat Ducato and Fiat Doblò.

Iceland financial crises peaks as protests turn into riots

Thousands of people clashed with riot police around the building of the parliament. At least 20 people being arrested and 20 more needing medical attention for exposure to pepper spray. The local press refers to the event as the "Kitchenware Revolution" because demonstrators used pots and pans.

'Breaking Bad' premieres on AMC

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama TV series that aired on AMC in 2008. The series, which were created and produced by Vince Gilligan, ended in 2013 after five seasons of the show. The main character is a high school chemistry teacher who begins to cook crystal meth after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

The 59th Golden Globes

The 59th Golden Globe Awards, honoring the best in film and television for 1989, were held at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills. The winners included A Beautiful Mind for the best drama motion picture and Sissy Spacek for the best actress in a drama.

'Dawson's Creek' premieres on WB in the US

Dawson’s Creek is a teenage TV drama series. The show is about a close group of friends that attend high school and college together. The series stars James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery, Katie Holmes as his best friend and love interest Joey Potter, Joshua Jackson as their fellow best friend Pacey Witter, and Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley.

The first democratically-elected Palestinian leader

Yasser Arafat was a Palestinian political leader. He was Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization from 1969 to 2004 and President of the Palestinian National Authority from 1994 to 2004. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for negotiations at Oslo. He died in 2004, at the age of 75.


Scottish soccer coach Matt Busby dies

Busby died at The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Greater Manchester. He had been admitted to the hospital earlier that month to have a blood clot removed from his leg, and had appeared to be making a good recovery until his condition deteriorated after several days. He was buried in Southern Cemetery, Manchester, alongside his wife Jean.

Audrey Hepburn dies of cancer at 63

Hepburn died in her sleep at home. After her death, Gregory Peck went on camera and tearfully recited her favorite poem, "Unending Love" by Rabindranath Tagore. Funeral services were held at the village church of Tolochenaz. Maurice Eindiguer, the same pastor who wed Hepburn and Mel Ferrer and baptized her son Sean, presided over her funeral.

Air Inter Flight 148 crashes

Air Inter Flight 148 was a scheduled passenger flight from Lyon Satolas Airport to Strasbourg Airport in France. The aircraft operating the flight, an Airbus A320, crashed in the Vosges Mountains, France, near Mont Sainte-Odile, while circling to land at Strasbourg Airport. 87 of the 96 people on board were killed, while the remaining nine were all injured.

Born on the 4th of July wins four Golden Globes

''Born on the Fourth of July,'' the Vietnam drama, won 4 Golden Globe Awards, including best dramatic picture, best dramatic actor for Tom Cruise and best director. Upon release, Born on the Fourth of July was praised by critics for its story, Cruise's performance and Stone's direction. The film was successful at the box office as it grossed over $161 million worldwide

Michael Bolton is at #1 on the US singles chart

Michael Bolton recorded a version of the song for the album Soul Provider. The single reached number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts and also won him a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The release marked a turning point in Bolton's career.

The first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using the tactics of nonviolence. In 1963 he delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Channel Tunnel announced

It was opened in May 1994. The tunnel is a 50.45 kilometres long. It links linking Folkestone, Kent, in the United Kingdom, with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France. The tunnel leads beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. At its lowest point, it is 75 m deep below the sea bed.


Paolo Maldini plays his firts match at AC Milan

Paolo Maldini was a product of Milan youth squad. Maldini stayed with Milan for all of his career which he officially left at the age of 41 in 2009. He was known for his left foot abilities and his iconic position was left back.

Foreigner have their only UK No. 1 with 'I Want To Know What Love Is'

I Want to Know What Love Is was released as the lead single from the fifth album of the rock band Foreigner, Agent Provocateur. It topped the UK singles few weeks after its release and was their only song to manage to do so. Since then, it is the group's biggest hit and remains one of the most enduring radio hits.

The original Tarzan and Olympic medalist Johnny Weissmuller dies

Weissmuller died from pulmonary edema at the age of 79. He was buried just outside Acapulco, Valle de La Luz at the Valley of the Light Cemetery. As his coffin was lowered into the ground, a recording of the Tarzan yell he invented was played three times, at his request. He was honored with a 21-gun salute, befitting a head-of-state.


Brazil legend Garrincha dies aged only 49

After a series of financial and marital problems, Garrincha died of cirrhosis of the liver in an alcoholic coma in Rio de Janeiro. He had been hospitalized eight times in the previous year, and by the time of his death, he was a physical and mental wreck. His last years were unhappy.

The Iran hostage crisis ends

The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic standoff between Iran and the United States. 52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days after a group of students, who supported the Iranian Revolution, took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Jimmy Carter called the hostages "victims of terrorism and anarchy".

Ronald Reagan becomes the oldest president of the USA

Ronald Reagan was an American politician and actor who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. He is known for his supply-side economics, so-called "Reaganomics", which aimed to tax rate reduction to stimulate economic growth, economic deregulation, and reduction in government spending.

Jimmy Carter announces US boycott of Olympics

The United States of America engaged boycotting Summer Olympics in Moscow as a way of protesting against Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union and other countries later responded by not attending Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984.

John Fred And The Playboys are at #1 on the US singles chart

Judy in Disguise is a song that was a hit for the Louisiana-based John Fred & His Playboy Band. The song was jointly written and composed by Fred and bandmate Andrew Bernard. The song reached #1 in the U.S. and became a gold record. It also hit #1 in Germany, and Switzerland, and #3 in Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Franklin Roosevelt is inaugurated

Franklin D. Roosevelt served as the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 to 1945. He was a Democrat who won four presidential elections. He directed the United States government during most of the Great Depression and World War II. He is often rated by scholars as one of the three greatest U.S. Presidents.

American psychologist James McKeen Cattell dies

At the beginning of his career, Cattell regarded psychology at best a minor field of study, or at worst a pseudoscience. Later he helped to establish it as a legitimate science, worthy of study. He started with measuring of simple phenomena like reaction times and advanced to complex ones, like intelligence or personality.

Reinhard Heydrich convened the Wannsee Conference

The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior government officials of Nazi Germany and SS leaders. The purpose of this conference was to ensure the cooperation in the implementation of the Final solution to the Jewish question. The Wannsee House, site of the conference, is now a Holocaust memorial.

King George V of England dies at age 71

George V was King of the United Kingdom from 1910 to 1936. He was the second son of King Edward VII and grandson of Queen Victoria. His reign saw the rise of socialism, communism, fascism, Irish republicanism, and the Indian independence movement, all of which radically changed the political landscape.

Fujifilm is founded

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of being the 1st Japanese producer of photographic films. Over the following 10 years, the company produced photographic films, motion-picture films and X-ray films. In the 1940s, Fuji Photo entered the optical glasses, lenses and equipment markets.

Roller coaster is patented

An American inventor, LaMarcus Adna Thompson, patented his version of the modern roller coaster in Coney Island, New York. Thompson developed the modern layout consisting of a series of cars completing an entire circuit, ending up back where they started.

Dumont D'Urville discovers Adélie Land, Antarctica

It is a claimed territory on the continent of Antarctica. Dumont d'Urville named it after his wife. It stretches from a coastline area along the Great Southern Ocean inland all the way to the South Pole. It is one of five districts of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. Currently it hosts a French research station.

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