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Serena Williams wins her 7th Australian Open

Williams won the Australian Open for an Open Era record seventh time, defeating her sister, Venus. This was her 23rd Grand Slam singles title, surpassing Steffi Graf's Open Era record of 22. It was the first time in the Open Era that two players aged 35 or older competed in the final of a Grand Slam tournament.

Ed Sheeran is at #1 on the US singles chart with 'Shape Of You'

Shape of You peaked at number-one on the singles charts of 34 countries, including the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as the UK, Australian and Canadian singles charts. It stayed at number one for a record-tying 16 consecutive weeks on the Canadian Hot 100, as well as 14 non-consecutive weeks on the UK Singles Chart, and 12 non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Barnes' 'The Noise of Time' is published

The Noise of Time is a novel by English author Julian Barnes. It concerns the life of Dmitri Shostakovich, a Russian composer of Soviet times. Only a stroke of luck saves his life, and the book chronicles his life as he seeks to avoid the forces of despotism only for it to find him time and again. However, against the tapestry of a ruthless totalitarian regime, Dmitri maintains his identity, his values, and his passion for art.

The world premiere of 'The Hard Problem' opens

The Hard Problem is a play by British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard that held its premiere in London. The title refers to the hard problem of consciousness, which Stoppard defines as having "subjective First Person experiences"; he notes the strangeness in the illusion of consciousness in which, clearly, you have to be conscious to experience.

DNA analysis reval origin of the Justinian plague

The Plague of Justinian was a pandemic that afflicted the Eastern Roman Empire, the Sassanid Empire, and ports around the Mediterranean Sea. It resulted in the deaths of an estimated 25 to 50 million people (13% of the world's population). It was the first instance of bubonic plague, caused by Yersinia pestis.

Iran sent a monkey in a "Pishgam" rocket into space

The launch took place on that day, because it was the birthday of Mohammed. Further details were not given except that the craft landed safely and the monkey survived. Later the Iranian Space Agency published a full video of the Pishgam Launch. Fourteen days later, Iran launched another monkey astronaut.

Nakumatt supermarket fire

A supermarket in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, caught fire. Twenty-nine remains have thus far been located in the rubble of the destroyed Nakumatt supermarket, with police investigating a tip that security guards locked exit doors in an effort to prevent looting. 29 people died.

'Dreamgirls: Music From The Motion Picture' is at #1

In its 5th week of release, the album reached the top of the Billboard 200 with a sales week of 68000 units. The following week, the soundtrack broke its own all-time low record, holding on to the number one spot with a sales decrease of 9% good for 60000. This record was later broken by Taylor Swift selling 52000 copies of her album Speak Now.

Katowice Trade Hall roof collapse

The roof of one of the buildings at the Katowice International Fair collapsed in Chorzów / Katowice, Poland. The cause was probably the weight of the snow on the roof. There was one more collapse during the rescue operations. 65 people were dead, and 170 injured.

The Directors Guild of America’s Lifetime Achievement

Clint Eastwood becomes only the 31st filmmaker in 70 years of Directors Guild of America history to be given the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Eastwood accepted his award from DGA President Michael Apted at the 58th Annual DGA Awards ceremony, held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.


The Dallas Cowboys win three Super Bowls in four seasons

Three of the five The Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl championship wins took place in 1992, 1993 and 1995. Unfortunatelly, discipline and off-field problems started to takE place, which lead to Barry Switzer resigning as their head coach, which inflicted end of this gold era.

TLC are at #1 on the US singles chart with 'Creep'

Creep became the group's first number one on the United States Billboard Hot 100. It topped the chart for 4 consecutive weeks and was later certificated platinum in sales. Following its European debut/re-issue in early 1996, the song reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and the top forty in other countries.

American astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg dies

She is noted for pioneering research into globular clusters and variable stars. A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galactic core as a satellite. Hogg photographed the clusters and looked for variable stars in them. Some of them can be used from measuring the distance.

Paula Abdul starts a 10-week run at #1 on the US chart

Forever Your Girl is the debut studio album by American singer Paula Abdul. It was released in June 1988 through Virgin Records. At the time of the album's release, it was the most successful debut album of all time and was the first time an artist scored four US Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles from a debut album.

The 46th Golden Globes are held

The Best Picture - Drama was awarded to Rain Man, which also won the Best Actor to Dustin Hoffman. The Best Musical or Comedy was awarded to Working Girl, with Melanie Griffith winning the Best Actress Award in Musical or Comedy category. Tom Hanks won the Best Actor in Musical or Comedy with film Big.

German theoretical physicist and atomic spy Klaus Fuchs dies

He worked on the Manhattan Project and was responsible for many significant theoretical calculations relating to the first nuclear weapons, and later, early models of the hydrogen bomb. In 1950 he was convicted of supplying information to the Soviet Union during and shortly after the Second World War.

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

On its way to NASA shuttle orbiter mission, the shuttle broke apart 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean. All 7 crew members died. The original cause was an O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster failing at liftoff because it was not designed to fly under unusually cold conditions.

Pepsi airs the first TV spot that shows rival Coca-Cola

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been rivals for a long time. For instance, Pepsi is famous for its Pepsi Challenge, in which ordinary people are asked which product they preferred in blind taste tests. These tests suggested that more consumers preferred the taste of Pepsi to Coke.

'We Are the World' is recorded

Song and charity single written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for the album We Are the World. It was written and recorded in order to raise money for feeding the starving people in Africa. More than 20 million copies of the album were sold. After Haiti earthquake 2010 a remake was made.

The 41st Golden Globes are held

The Best Actor and Actress in Musical or Commedy for performance in Educating Rita was awarded to Michael Cane and Julie Walters. Best Music, Original Score was won by Giorgio Moroder for Flashdance and the Best Original Song by Iren Cara for Flashdance... What a Feeling.

Danny DeVito marries 'Cheers' star Rhea Perlman

DeVito met Rhea Perlman when she went to see a friend in the single performance of the play The Shrinking Bride, which also featured DeVito. They moved in together two weeks after meeting. The couple married 5 years later. They have three children: Lucy Chet DeVito, Grace Fan DeVito, and Jacob Daniel DeVito.

The 37th Golden Globes are held

The most successful drama was Kramer vs. Kramer, winning the Best Actor to Dustin Hoffman, Best Film - Drama, Best Supporting Actress to Meryl Streep and Best Screenplay to Robert Benton. Best Film - Musical or Comedy was awarded for Breaking Away and Best Actress - Drama for Sally Field for Norma Rae.

CBS News Sunday Morning debuts

Charles Bishop Kuralt, an American journalist, was the original host of the newsmagazine till 1994, and together with Robert Northshield, he was also the creator of the magazine. The format was conceived as the Sunday equivalent of the CBS Morning News.

The 35th Golden Globes are held

mong the Musical or Comedy category, thew most successful was film The Goodbye Girl, winning the Best Actor to Richard Dreyfuss Best Actress to Marsha Mason, Best Film, Best Screenplay to Neil Simon. In Drama category, Richard Burton was awarded as the Best Actor for his role in Equus.

The 30th Golden Globes are held

The Best Film - Drama was The Godfather with Marlon Brando winning the Best Actor, the Best Music won by Nino Rota, and the Best Screenplay won by Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo. The Best Musical or Commedy was Cabaret with Lisa Minelli winning the Best Actress and Joel Grey as Best Supporting Actor.

The last state to hold out against integration

Harvey Gantt, the American architect and Democratic politician active in North Carolina, is the first African-American student to be admitted to Clemson University after attending Iowa State University, thus breaking the barrier in the last state to hold out against integration.

The Lego company patents the design of its Lego bricks

Although the modern Lego brick design was patented on this date, it took another 5 years to find the right material for it. Since then, the Lego bricks can be interlocked with each other, even with the current ones. Six pieces of 2x4 bricks can be combined in 915,103,765 ways.


NY Giants sign their first black players

Monte Irvine and Ford Smith were both signed to New York Giants on the same day, became one of the earliest African-American MLB players. Smith was later assigned to Jersey City Giants. Irvin played in two World Series for the Giants. When future Hall of Famer Willie Mays joined the Giants in 1951, Irvin was asked to mentor him. Irvin was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


The first ski tow in the USA begins operation in Vermont

The first surface lift was built in 1908 in Schollach/Eisenbach, Hochschwarzwald. One of the following skier-specific tows was built at Woodstock, Vermont, in New England and it was driven by the rear wheel of a Ford Model A, which contributed to an explosion of the skiing in the United States and Europe.

Bellingshausen discovers the continent of Antarctica

Bellingshausen was selected to command Russian expedition to the Southern Ocean. On 28 January 1820 his two ships, Vostok and Mirny, discovered the Antarctic coast. Other explorers, Englishman Edward Bransfield, and the American Nathaniel Palmer, also claimed to discover Antarctica. But Bellingshausen was probably first.

Pride and Prejudice is published

Egerton published the first edition of Pride and Prejudice in three hardcover volumes. It was advertised in The Morning Chronicle, priced at 18s. Favorable reviews saw this edition sold out. The book was first published in the US in 1832 as Elizabeth Bennet or, Pride and Prejudice.

London's Pall Mall is 1st street lit by gaslight

The first public street lighting with gas was demonstrated in Pall Mall, London, by Frederick Albert Winsor. Five years later the first gas company in the world was founded. Less than two years later the Westminster Bridge was lit by gas. As artificial lighting became more common towns became much safer.

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