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RadioShack declares bankruptcy

RadioShack announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Using bankruptcy to end contractual restrictions that had required it keep unprofitable stores open, the company published a list of 1784 stores which it intended to close, a process it wished to complete by the month's end to avoid an estimated $7 million in March rent.

Morgan Stanley announces $10 billion merger with Dean Witter

Morgan Stanley Group and Dean Witter Discover merged to form one of the largest global financial services firms: Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Purcell and CEO John Mack decided not to choose between the two brand names. Instead, they combined the names of the two firms and put the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter brand on almost all of its operations.

First GM food goes on sale in UK

The first genetically modified food sold was Flavr-Savr tomatoes, developed in the early 1990s by Calgene, Inc. The company was bought by Monsanto soon after the tomatoes were approved for sale. These tomatoes were engineered to suppress the polygalacturonase gene to delay how quickly they would soften after ripening.

Beckwith is convictes of killing Medgar Evers

Byron De La Beckwith, Sr. was an American white supremacist and Klansman from Greenwood, Mississippi, who assassinated civil rights leader Medgar Wiley Evers. Two trials in on this charge resulted in hung juries. Later he was tried by the state in a new trial based on new evidence; he was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison.

FDR proposes enlarging Supreme Court "court packing"

The Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of was a legislative initiative proposed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to add more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roosevelt's purpose was to obtain favorable rulings regarding New Deal legislation that the court had ruled unconstitutional. The central provision of the bill would have granted the President power to appoint an additional Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, up to a maximum of six, for every member of the court over the age of 70 years and 6 months.

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