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Bad Aibling rail accident

2 Meridian-branded passenger trains were involved in a head-on collision at Bad Aibling in southeastern Germany. Of approximately 150 people on board the two trains, 12 people died and 85 others were injured, including 24 seriously. Two months after the accident, investigators announced that it had been caused by the responsible Deutsche Bahn train dispatcher who gave incorrect orders.

The Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision

Los Angeles-class submarine USS Greeneville collided with Japanese-fishery high-school training ship Ehime Maru near the south coast of Oahu, Hawaii, Within 10 minutes of the collision, Ehime Maru sank. Nine of the people on board were killed: four high-school students, two teachers, and three crewmembers.

Earthquake hits San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando earthquake occurred in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in southern California. The unanticipated thrust earthquake had a magnitude of 6.5 on the Ms scale, and a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI. The event was one in a series that affected the Los Angeles area in the late 20th century.