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Halle train collision

The Halle train collision was a collision between two NMBS/SNCB passenger trains carrying a combined 250–300 people in Buizingen, in the municipality of Halle, Belgium. The accident occurred in snowy conditions, during rush hour, on railway line 96 about 7.5 miles from Brussels. A third train was able come to a stop just in time to avoid getting involved. The collision killed 19 and injured 171 people, making it the deadliest rail accident in Belgium in over 50 years.

Cannibal killer is sentenced to life in prison

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of 17 men and boys. Many of his later murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts. Dahmer was sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment.

Belgian jet crashes with United States figure-skating team

A Boeing 707 aircraft crashed en route from New York City to Brussels, Belgium, killing all 72 passengers on board and one person on the ground. Those killed included the entire U.S. figure skating team on its way to the World Figure Skating Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia.