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Riot in Pelican Bay state prison

A brawl involving roughly 200 prisoners erupted in the exercise yard of the maximum-security prison. In order to quell the riot, guards were forced to use lethal force. The fight between black and Hispanic inmates resulted in a death of 1 prisoner who was fatally shot and left 12 others wounded.

Galtür avalanche

The Galtür avalanche occurred in the Alpine village of Galtür, Austria. It took less than 60 seconds to hit Galtür. At 50 metres high and traveling at 290 kilometres per hour, this powder avalanche hit with great force, overturning cars, ruining buildings and burying 57 people. By the time rescue crews managed to arrive, 31 people had died.

Tornadoes in Florida kills 42 people

The Kissimmee tornado outbreak was a devastating tornado outbreak, the deadliest tornado event in Florida history. The tornadoes, among the strongest ever recorded in Florida, produced F3 damage, killed 42 people, and caused 260 injuries.