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Tara Air Flight 193 crashes

Tara Air Flight was a scheduled passenger flight from Pokhara to Jomsom in Nepal. The aircraft carrying 23 people on board went missing roughly 8 minutes after take-off. The wreckage with no survivors was found near the village of Dana in Myagdi district. Deviation from track and unfavorable weather might have caused the accident.

Oxnard train derailment

A Metrolink passenger train in Oxnard collided with a pick-up truck and trailer on the Rice Avenue grade crossing. This caused the train to derail and 3 cars fell onto their sides, with 4th remaining upright. Out of 48 passengers and 3 crew members aboard, 30 were injured. Train engineer died from his injuries a week later.

Al Hoceima earthquake

Northern coast of Morocco was hit by an earthquake measured 6.3 on the moment magnitude scale. It occurred during night, at 02:27 local time. The earthquake with Mercalli intensity of IX - Violent killed between 628 to 631 people, injured 926 more and left up to 15,000 homeless in the city of Al Hoceima and surrounding area.

United Airlines Flight 811's Cargo door ripped off

United Airlines Flight 811 was a regularly scheduled flight from LA to Sydney with stops at Honolulu and Auckland. On one of the flights, cargo door malfunctioned shortly after leaving Honolulu. The explosive decompression that followed caused the deaths of 9 passengers and injured 38 more. Plane returned to Honolulu afterwards.