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Bardo National Museum attack

Bardo National Museum in the city of Tunis as attacked by 3 armed militants. Tourists were attacked outside of the building and ran towards the museum, where they had been taken hostage. There were a total number of 22 victims and around 50 injured. Responsibility was claimed by the Islamic state, with the threat to commit others.

Torrey Canyon oil spill

The supertanker SS Torrey Canyon carried a full cargo of crude oil from Kuwait National Petroleum refinery to Milford Haven in Wales. Due to a navigational error, the tanker struck the rocks between Cornish Mainland and the Isles of Scilly. Estimated 25-36 million gallons of oil were spilled into the ocean.

New London School explosion

The New London school in Texas was destroyed by an explosion triggered by a natural gas leak. The explosion caused the walls of the school to bulge and lifted the roof from building before crashing back down. More than 295 people were killed by the explosion. Majority of victims were buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, near New London.

Tri-State Tornado

The deadliest tornado in US history spanned over a large portion of the Midwestern and Southern US. It lasted roughly 7 hours, claimed the lives of 695 people and left 2,027 injured. About 15,000 homes were destroyed, leaving thousands without shelter or food. The damage was estimated at $16.5 million at the time.