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Erasmus bus crashes

A Tata Hispano passenger bus collided with a car on the Autopista AP-7 motorway near the town of Freginals, in Catalonia, Spain. The bus carried Erasmus exchange students from several countries on their return from Fallas Festival in Valencia back to Barcelona. A total of 13 people died and 43 more were injured.

Sana'a mosque bombings

Mosques in Yemen city Sana’s, The al-Badr and al-Hashoosh came under suicide bombing attack during midday prayers. A total of 4 bombings, 2 at each mosque, were carried out by members of ISIS. They released a recording in which they stated they intend to stop Iranian operation in Yemen. The attacks killed 142 people.

Kabul Serena Hotel attack

A mass shooting carried out by Taliban militants took place in the restaurant of the Kabul Serena Hotel, in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack shocked the public, as it took place in a heavily fortified area of Kabul. Four teenage militants used small handguns to storm the restaurant in an attack that killed 9 people.

Aum Shinrikyo sarin attack, Tokyo

Japanese cult movement, Aum Shinrikyo terrorized Tokyo with a series of 5 coordinated attacks. During rush hour, members of the cult released sarin in Tokyo Metro. 12 did die due to the exposure and more than 5000 were harmed. Due to huge number injured, most of the people had to reach the hospital on their own.