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The Weinstein Company files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

Following the disastrous sexual abuse scandal connected to Harvey Weinstein, a former chief executive, the company ran into financial troubles. Their buyout deal with investors collapsed and Weinstein brothers owed more than $367 million to banks and creditors. The company filed for bankruptcy and all their assets were auctioned.

Forbes publishes its jubilee 30th list of world's richest people

The World's Billionaires is an annually published list of wealthiest people around the globe. Dictators and royalty are excluded. Bill Gates topped the charts 4th time in a row. First time in history, there were over 2000 people listed, with 2043 being the total number. Most of them are from the US, China, and Germany.

Barack Obama becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since 1928

Barack Obama was the 1st American president to visit Cuba in 88 years. After landing in Havana, he was welcomed by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. For the 3-day visit, Obama was joined by his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their 2 daughters.

California opens the first Legoland outside of Europe

A theme park based on the popular Lego toy brand was opened in Carlsbad. Besides being 1st outside Europe, it was also 3rd one in the world. It offers more than 60 different rides in the area with a size of 128 acres.Southern California Regional Championship competition FIRST Lego League is being hosted there each December.

Chesterfield's producer acknowledges that smoking is addictive and can cause cancer

Liggett Group acknowledged the addictiveness of nicotine and admitted that smoking can result in cancer and heart disease. Producer of Chesterfield settled lawsuits with 18 states that demanded billions of dollars for treating the sick smokers. The company promised to place informative labels with warnings on their cigarette brands.

Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba

Napoleon returned to Paris after he escaped from exile in Elba a month earlier. He governed for a period now called the Hundred Days. In June, the last conflict in the Napoleonic Wars occurred, which resulted in the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

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