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Building collapse in India burried 74 people

A building collapsed on tribal land in Mumbra, a suburb of Thane in Maharashtra, India. It has been called the worst building collapse in the area. Seventy-four people were killed, while more than 100 survived. A total of 15 suspects were arrested including builders, engineers, municipal officials and other responsible parties.

Somalia's National Theatre is struck by a suicide bomber

At least six people, including two of Somalia’s top sports officials, were killed when a female suicide bomber struck a ceremony at Mogadishu’s national theatre in an attack Islamist insurgents said was aimed at killing senior government figures. Al Shabaab rebels claimed responsibility for the blast.

John Heinz plane crashes

Heinz and six other people, including two children, were killed when a Sun Co. Aviation Department Bell 412 helicopter and a Piper Aerostar with Heinz aboard collided in mid-air above Merion Elementary School in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. All aboard both aircraft, as well as two children at the school, were killed.

St. Anthony's Hospital fire

St. Anthony's Hospital fire was a disaster that occurred in Effingham, Illinois. The disaster killed 74 people at the hospital. It is used as a prime example of possible fire hazards hospitals could and can have. St. Anthony's Hospital in Effingham, Illinois, was operated by the Sisters of St. Francis, who lived in a convent next door.

The Akron is destroyed in a thunderstorm

USS Akron was a helium-filled rigid airship operated by the U.S. Navy. She was the world's first purpose-built flying aircraft carrier. The Akron was destroyed in a thunderstorm off the coast of New Jersey, killing 73 of the 76 crewmen and passengers. This accident involved the greatest loss of life in any airship crash.