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Münster attack

A man drove a van with an attempt to kill into people seated outside restaurants in the old part of Münster. The attack claimed lives of 2 people and left about 20 more injured, 6 out of them seriously. Another 2 people died later due to injuries suffered. The perpetrator was a 48 year old small-time criminal Jens Rüther.

Douma chemical attack

The Syrian city of Douma was targeted by a chemical attack that reportedly killed at least 70 people. According to rebel forces and number of countries, it was conducted by the Syrian Army, despite them claiming it did not happen and evidence was staged. The Syrian American Medical Society reported over 500 injured people.

Stockholm attack

A hijacked lorry was driven into crowds along Drottninggatan in central Stockholm. The attack claimed lives of 5 people and left 14 seriously injured. The perpetrator of the attack was rejected asylum seeker Rakhmat Akilov, a citizen of Uzbekistan. Police found a homemade bomb in the truck, which had not been detonated.

Gayari Sector avalanche

Pakistani military base in Gayari Sector was hit by an avalanche that trapped 140 soldiers and civilians under the snow. Due to low avalanche risk, Gayari was a bigger complex that housed more soldiers than other bases. The location of the base at an altitude of about 4,000 meters made the rescue attempts futile.

Scandinavian Star is set on fire, killing 159 people

MS Scandinavian Star was set on fire which on its route between Oslo, Norway and Frederikshavn, Denmark. Technical difficulties and the fact that many of the crew did not speak English, Norwegian or Danish, made the situation worse. By the time the ship was towed to Lysekil in Sweden and fire suppressed, 158 people died.