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Falcon 9 lands at sea

Falcon 9 rocket landed on a drone ship 300 km from the Florida coastline. The rocket belonged to the SpaceX company. It was a first stage of the two-stage lift vehicle called Falcon 9. It was used again in 2017. Reusability of the Falcon 9 parts is similar to the reusability of aircraft, which reduces the cost of space missions.

Skyscraper with wind PowerStation

Wind turbines on Bahrain World Trade Center started to move. They are fully integrated into the design of the building. The sail-shaped buildings on either side are designed to funnel wind through the gap to provide accelerated wind passing through the turbines. They are expected to provide 11% to 15% of the towers' power consumption.

Gemini 1 takes off

Gemini 1 was the first unmanned test flight of the Gemini spacecraft in NASA's Gemini program. Its main objectives were to test the structural integrity of the new spacecraft and modified Titan II launch vehicle. It was also the first test of the new tracking and communication systems for the Gemini program and provided ground support crews with training for the first manned missions. It is often considered a bridge between the first manned American spaceflight program, Project Mercury, and the Apollo program which took humans to the moon.

Programming language COBOL is created

COBOL was designed by CODASYL and was partly based on previous programming language design work by Grace Hopper. It is imperative, procedural and object-oriented. COBOL is primarily used in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments.

American biochemist Melvin Calvin is born

Calvin is known for his discovery of what is today known as the Calvin cycle (together with Andrew Benson and James Bassham). It's an important part of photosynthesis. The cycle took place inside a specialized compartment in plant cell called the chloroplast.

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