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Earthquake hits Afghanistan

North-eastern part of Afghanistan was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6. The epicenter was roughly 39 km southwest of village Ashkasham. The tremors from the quake were felt all the way in Delhi, Kashmir and Uttarakhand. At least 4 people died in Pakistan, in addition to many more being injured.

President of Poland is killed in plane crash

Polish aircraft carrying 89 passengers and 7 crew members crashed into the forest near Smolensk in Russia. The accident proved to be fatal for everyone on the board. Besides the number of parliament members, military officers and other officials, there was also the President of Poland Lech Kaczyński with his wife Maria.

Invicta International Airlines Flight 435

Invicta International Airlines Flight 435 was a flight from Bristol Lulsgate to Basel-Mulhouse. The aircraft brushed the woods, in the range of hills in Jura and subsequently crashed in the hamlet of Herrenmatt. The crash caused the airplane to snap into several sections. A total of 108 people died and 36 more were injured.

USS submarine sinks and killed 118 people aboard

The USS Thresher SSN-593 was a nuclear-powered attack submarine of the US Navy. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander John Wesley Harvey, Thresher began deep diving tests. The submarine sunk 350 km east of Cape Cod, resulting in deaths of everyone aboard, a total of 129 people.