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Tombs containing bamboo slips are accidentally discovered

The Yinqueshan Han Slips are ancient Chinese writing tablets from the Western Han Dynasty. The bamboo slips were discovered in the Yinqueshan Han Tombs. The slips included 13 fragment chapters from Sunzi's The Art of War and 16 chapters of Sun Bin's Art of War.

Polio vaccine

Virologist Jonas Salk developed the first vaccine against polio. He made it from inactivated poliovirus. Six years later, another vaccine that uses weakened poliovirus was developed by Albert Sabin. These two medicines caused that poliomyelitis is close to eradication.

Safety pin

Walter Hunt patented a pin which includes a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. He sold his invention for $400. However, safety pins existed prior to this patent. They were already patented in Great Britain. During the emergence of punk rock in the late seventies, safety pins became associated with the genre.

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