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Andy Murray weds Kim Sears

Murray began dating Kim Sears, daughter of player-turned-coach Nigel Sears, in 2005. Their engagement was announced in November 2014, and they married in April 2015 at Dunblane Cathedral in his hometown, with the reception at his Cromlix House hotel. The couple lives in Oxshott, Surrey, with their two children. He identifies himself as a feminist.

Prima ballerina Maria Tallchief dies

Tallchief was considered America's first major prima ballerina and was the first Native American to hold the rank. She traveled the world, becoming the first American to perform in Moscow's Bolshoi Theater. In December 2012, Tallchief broke her hip and died in April 2013 from complications stemming from the injury.

"The Avengers" premieres in Los Angeles

Marvel's The Avengers is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sixth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

U.S. Justice Dept. sues Apple over e-book pricing

The Justice Department accused 5 of the USA's largest publishing houses, Hachette SA, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster, and Apple of fixing prices on e-books, and forcing their customers to pay millions of dollars more for their favorite titles.

Minsk metro bombing attack

The Minsk Metro bombing occurred when at least 15 people were killed and more than two hundred were injured in an explosion on the Minsk Metro, Belarus. The explosion happened at the central Kastryčnickaja station at 17:55 local time. The Prosecution Office launched a criminal investigation and classified the event as a terrorist attack.

"King & I" premieres at Neil Simon Theater in NYC

The King and I is musical by the team of composer Richard Rodgers and dramatist Oscar Hammerstein II, based on Margaret Landon's novel, Anna and the King of Siam. Christopher Renshaw directed major revivals on Broadway winning the Tony Award for Best Revival. The revival ran on Broadway for 780 performances.


Ron Hextall becomes the first goaltender in NHL history to score a goal in the playoffs

Philadelphia Flyers Ron Hextall, as a goalkeeper scored goal in the Stanley Cup Playoff. It was first scored goal from goalkeper in NHL playoff. He did it in impressive fashion, hitting the empty-netter in a playoff game against the Washington Capitals. Hextall took a shot with his team up 7-5.

The 60th Academy Awards

The 60th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Last Emperor won nine awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Bernardo Bertolucci.

Singer Joss Stone is born

Joss Stone is an English singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame with her multi-platinum debut album, The Soul Sessions, which made the Mercury Prize shortlist. Stone has earned numerous accolades, including two Brit Awards and one Grammy Award out of five nominations.

Steve Jobs is forced out of Apple by John Sculley

Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple after a long power struggle between him and John Sculley. As a result, five additional senior Apple employees also resigned and joined Jobs in his new company, NeXT. Jobs didn't return to Apple until 1997.

Satellite repair on the orbit

American astronauts James van Hoften and George Nelson conducted a spacewalk to repair broken satellite SolarMax. They caught it, brought it on board of the Challenger Space Shuttle and replaced malfunctioning altitude control system. Catching the satellite was a very difficult job. It was a first such repair in history.

General Secretary Konstantin Chernenko named President of the Soviet Union

Chernenko assumed the position of the head figure of the governmental institution, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. He was elected by a joint session of both houses included in Presidium. He held the position until his death in 1985. His policies were focused on supporting the labor unions and education and propaganda reforms.

The 55th Academy Awards

The 55th Academy Awards were presented at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles. The ceremonies were presided over by Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, Richard Pryor, and Walter Matthau. The awards were dominated by the Best Picture winner Gandhi, which won eight awards out of its eleven nominations.

The Apple I is created

Steve Wozniak dabbled in computer-design and created what would become the Apple I. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer, the Apple I was Apple's first product. It went on sale in July 1976 at a price of US$666.66 because Wozniak liked repeating digits.

Apollo 13 is launched

Apollo 13 was the 7th manned mission in Appollo space program and the 3rd intended to land on the Moon. But the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the Service Module upon which the Command Module had depended. Despite the great hardship, the crew returned safely to Earth on April 17, 1970.

US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs 1968 Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights Act provided equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion or national origin. It also made it a federal crime to interfere with anyone for same reasons. The Act was signed into law by President Johnson during riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King. It was nicknamed Fair Housing Act.

Palm Sunday tornado outbreak

The second Palm Sunday tornado outbreak occurred in the Midwest U.S. states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, with 47 tornadoes. It was the second-biggest outbreak on record at the time. In the Midwest, 271 people were killed and 1,500 injured.

The trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem

Eichmann went on trial in Jerusalem for crimes against the Jewish people, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The trial prompted a new openness in Israel; many Holocaust survivors felt able to share their experiences as the country confronted this traumatic chapter. He was found guilty on all counts, sentenced to death.

Vertical take-off and land jet

United states experimental aircraft Ryan X-13 Vertijet took off vertically from its mobile trailer, angled over into a horizontal attitude, and flew for several minutes. Then Vertijet transitioned to vertical flight and slowly descended back onto its trailer and landed. It was piloted by Peter Girard.

"Marty" premieres in New York

Marty is an American romantic drama film directed by Delbert Mann. The screenplay was written by Paddy Chayefsky, expanding upon his teleplay of the same name. The film stars Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair. Marty has been well-regarded by critics since its initial release.

American botanist Luther Burbank dies

Burbank was one of the pioneers of the agricultural science. In his 55-year carrier, he developed more than 800 strains and varieties of plants. Most known are Shasta daisy, the fire poppy, July Elberta peach, the Santa Rosa plum, the Flaming Gold nectarine or the Wickson plum. Russet Burbank potato is a potato cultivar named after him.

English surgeon James Parkinson is born

Parkinson is known as the discoverer of what would later be renamed Parkinson's disease. In 1817 he wrote an article called An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, which described the condition for the first time. He erroneously suggested that the tremors were caused by the lesions in the cervical spinal cord. Parkinson had many other interests, including paleontology.

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