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The Magellan probe is launched

Space shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Kennedy Space Center with the Magellan robotic probe on board. Two successive propulsion burns later placed the probe on its trajectory to Venus. Its mission was to map the planet’s surface using synthetic aperture radar and to measure the planetary gravitational field.

American chemist Edward Calvin Kendall dies

Edward Calvin Kendall was an American chemist. In 1950, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine along with Swiss chemist Tadeus Reichstein and Mayo Clinic physician Philip S. Hench, for their work with the hormones of the adrenal gland. Yet Kendall did not focus solely on the adrenal glands, he was also responsible for isolating thyroxine, a hormone of the thyroid gland and worked with the team that crystallized glutathione and identified its chemical structure.

Galactic radio waves are discovered

American physicist Karl Jansky described radio waves coming from the Milky Way in a paper he read to the International Radio Union in Washington. The galactic radio waves were of very low intensity and wavelength (14.6 m, frequency about 20 MHz) and required a sensitive apparatus for their detection.

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