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Mastung suicide bombing

A suicide bombing targeted the convoy of the Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, on the N-25 National Highway in the Mastung District, Balochistan, Pakistan. At least 28 people were killed, 40 others were injured, including the Senator. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attack.

Philadelphia train derailment

Due to over speeding, an Amtrak Northeast Regional train from Washington, D.C. bound for New York City derailed. Of 238 passengers and 5 crew on board, 8 were killed and over 200 injured. Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Marsha Neifield ordered prosecutors to file involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges against engineer Brandon Bostian who was responsible for driving the train.

Nepal earthquake claims 9,000 lives

The earthquake was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. Nearly 9,000 people died and 22,000 were injured. The number of deaths was reduced due to the fact that during the ground motion many people in rural areas were working outdoors. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley were damaged or destroyed.

Great Wenchuan earthquake

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake, also known as the First Great Sichuan earthquake or Wenchuan earthquake, occurred in 2008. Measuring at 8.0 Ms, the earthquake's epicenter was located 50 miles west-northwest of Chengdu, the provincial capital, with a focal depth of 12 miles. Over 69,000 people lost their lives in the quake.

Body of Charles Lindbergh's kidnapped son is found

In 1932, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., the 20-month-old son of aviator Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was abducted from his home in Highfields, New Jersey. Two months later, his body was discovered nearby. In 1934, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested for the crime. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.