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Space Shuttle Endeavour lands

The mission was devoted to opening the commercial space frontier. Endeavour carried commercially owned and operated SPACEHAB module, designed specifically designed to be nestled inside the cargo bay of the Space Shuttles. Endeavour also deployed the Inflatable Antenna Experiment which laid the groundwork for future technology development in inflatable space structures.

British physicist Peter Higgs is born

He is known for his prediction of a special field, called the Higgs field, and a particle which carries it, the Higgs boson. The question of its existence became the last unverified part of the Standard Model of particle physics. It was resolved by the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012. The presence of the field explains why some fundamental particles have mass.

Solar eclipse proves general relativity

Two separate expeditions travelled to Brazil and off the west coast of Africa to observe solar eclipse. Both made measurements of the position of stars visible close to the Sun. These observations showed that the light of stars was bent as it passed through the gravitational field of the star, just as Einstein predicted.

Public demonstration of machine to mass-produce shoes

Jan Matzeliger gave a public demonstration in Lynn, Massachusetts, of his newly-invented machine's ability to mass-produce shoes and replace the tedious hand work previously required to attach the sole to the upper of a shoe.

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