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Kabul attack

In 2017, a truck bomb exploded in a crowded intersection in Kabul, Afghanistan, near the German embassy, during rush hour, killing over 150 and injuring 413, mostly civilians, and damaging several buildings in the embassy. The attack was the deadliest terror attack to take place in Kabul.


Thompson becomes the oldest woman to complete a marathon

Harriette Thompson was an American classical pianist who later held the record for the oldest woman to run a marathon. At age 91, she completed the 2014 San Diego Marathon in 7 hour, 7 minutes and 42 seconds.

The world premiere of 'Ever After' opens at the Paper Mill Playhouse

Ever After is a 2015 musical based on the 1998 film of the same name written by Susannah Grant, Andy Tennant, and Rick Parks. It is loosely based on fairy tale Cinderella. The musical premiered at the Paper Mill Playhouse in 2015.

Tornado El Reno

The El Reno tornado was a very large EF3 tornado that occurred over rural areas of Central Oklahoma. The widest tornado in recorded history, it was part of a larger weather system that produced dozens of tornadoes over the preceding days.


Paul Scholes announces his retirement from the game

Scholes announced his retirement from playing in May 2011, receiving a testimonial match, and began his coaching career at the club from the 2011–12 season onward. However, he reversed this decision in January 2012, and went on to play one more season before retiring again in May 2013.


Italian defender Paolo Maldini plays his last game for AC Milan

Maldini played his last game in the Champions League in March 2008, a 2–0 loss at the San Siro in the last 16 against Arsenal which eliminated Milan from the 2007–08 Champions League. In 2008, Maldini was awarded the FIFA Order of Merit, as well as the Premio Internazionale Giacinto Facchetti, which is awarded to a player who was demonstrated both skill and fair play throughout his career.


Portugal legend Luis Figo plays his final game

At Javier Zanetti's insistence, Figo captained the side for his very last match. He received a standing ovation from the crowd as he was substituted by Davide Santon. The free-kick he scored in extra time against Roma during the Supercoppa Italiana was his most memorable moment in Italy.


Usain Bolt breaks the world record in the 100m sprint

Bolt set a new 100 m world record at the Reebok Grand Prix in the Icahn Stadium in New York City. He ran 9.72s with a tail wind of 1.7 m/s. This race was Bolt's fifth senior 100 m. Gay again finished second and said of Bolt: "It looked like his knees were going past my face."

Rihanna releases 'Good Girl Gone Bad'

Good Girl Gone Bad is the 3rd studio album by Barbadian singer Rihanna. It was released by Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records. Rihanna worked with various producers on the album. Apart from the sound, she also endorsed a new image for the release going from an innocent girl to an edgier and more sexual look.

Vanity Fair reveals who was the 'Deep Throat' in Watergate

Vanity Fair revealed that Felt was Deep Throat, when it published an article on its website by John D. O'Connor, an attorney acting on Felt's behalf, in which Felt reportedly said, "I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat."

'The Light in the Piazza' makes its world premiere at Seattle's Intiman Theatre

The Light in the Piazza is a musical with a book by Craig Lucas and music and lyrics by Adam Guettel. Based on a novella by Elizabeth Spencer, the story is set in the 1950s and revolves around Margaret Johnson, a wealthy Southern woman and Clara, her daughter who is developmentally disabled due to an unfortunate encounter with her birthday pony.

Spice Girls break up after Ginger leaves the band

Halliwell went on to launch an initially successful solo career. The four remaining members were adamant that the group would carry on and that their approaching North American tour would continue as normal. However, Halliwell's departure threw most of the group's plans into disarray.

Natalie Portman leaves cast of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' to return to Star Wars prequel films

Natalie Portman played the role of Anne Frank in a Broadway adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. After that, she was cast as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The first film, The Phantom Menace, began filming in 1997 and opened in 1999.


The New York Knicks name Pat Riley head coach

Riley became head coach of the New York Knicks starting with the 1991–92 season. Commentators admired Riley's ability to work with the physical, deliberate Knicks, adapting from his style with the fast-paced Laker teams in the 1980s. The Chicago Bulls had easily swept the Knicks in 1991 en route to their first championship.

Barrie tornado outbreak

Barrie tornado outbreak in Canada, was a major tornado outbreak that occurred in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario. 44 tornadoes were counted including 14 in Ontario, Canada. It is the largest and most intense tornado outbreak ever to hit this region, and the worst tornado outbreak in Pennsylvania history in terms of deaths and destruction.


The Philadelphia 76ers defeat Los Angeles Lakers

The 1983 NBA Finals, also known as Showdown '83, was the championship round of the NBA's 1982–83 season, and the culmination of the season's playoffs. The Eastern Conference champion Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Western Conference champion Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 0. 76ers center Moses Malone was named as the NBA Finals MVP.

'The Muppet Movie' opens in the United Kingdom

The Muppet Movie is a 1979 musical road comedy film and the first theatrical film featuring the Muppets. The movie was released in the United Kingdom in May 1979 and received critical praise; including two Academy Award nominations for Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher's musical score and their song, "The Rainbow Connection".

'I Remember Mama' opens at the Majestic Theatre

I Remember Mama is a musical with a book by Thomas Meehan, lyrics by Martin Charnin and Raymond Jessel, and music by Richard Rodgers. The musical ran on Broadway in 1979. Directed by Cy Feuer, the opening cast featured Liv Ullmann, George Hearn, Dolores Wilson, and George S. Irving.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System is completed

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System includes the trans-Alaska crude-oil pipeline, 11 pump stations, several hundred miles of feeder pipelines, and the Valdez Marine Terminal. TAPS is one of the world's largest pipeline systems. It is commonly called the Alaska pipeline, trans-Alaska pipeline, or Alyeska pipeline.

Ancash earthquake, between 66,794–70,000 are killed

The 1970 Ancash earthquake occurred off the coast of Peru in the Pacific Ocean. It is the most catastrophic natural disaster in the history of Peru. Due to the large amounts of snow and ice included in the landslide and its estimated 66,794 to 70,000 casualties, it is also considered to be the world's deadliest avalanche.

'Around The World' opens on Broadway

Around the World is a musical based on the Jules Verne novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, with a book by Orson Welles and music and lyrics by Cole Porter. It involves an around-the-world adventure by Phileas Fogg. The expensive musical extravaganza opened on Broadway in 1946 but it closed after 75 performances.

American engineer Ron Toomer is born

He is most known as the roller coaster designer, credited for designing 93 roller coasters around the world. He worked for the Arrow Dynamics Company, which was responsible for some of the most influential advancements in the amusement park industries. Toomer also worked for NASA. He was one of the co-designers of the Apollo spacecraft heat shield..

The first talking Mickey Mouse cartoon is released

The Karnival Kid is a 1929 American animated short movie directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was produced in black and white by The Walt Disney Studio and released to theaters by Celebrity Productions. It is the first in which Mickey speaks. Mickey's first spoken words were in this cartoon, "Hot Dogs!", the voice being provided by composer Carl Stalling.

The last Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line

After almost 19 years, Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth Model T Ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in Highland Park, Michigan. This marked the famous automobile's official last day of production at the main factory. Model T was generally regarded as the first affordable automobile to middle-class.

The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.

The Lincoln Memorial is an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln. It is located on the western end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., across from the Washington Monument. The architect was Henry Bacon; the designer was Daniel Chester French; the Lincoln statue was carved by the Piccirilli Brothers.

Tulsa race riot

The Tulsa race riot took place when a white mob attacked residents and businesses of the African-American community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is considered one of the worst incidents of racial violence in the history of the United States. The attack, carried out on the ground and by air, destroyed more than 35 blocks of the district.

First transatlantic flight ends

After first landing on European mainland in Lisbon, Portugal, the U. S. flying boat Curtiss NC-4 touched down in Plymouth. Historical journey from newfoundland to Great Britain took 23 days. This included time for stops. U.S. Navy ships were stationed along the flight course to rescue aviators in case of any emergency. The accomplishment was later eclipsed by nonstop flights.

The largest naval battle of the WW1 begins

The Battle of Jutland was a naval battle fought between Britain's Royal Navy Grand Fleet, under Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet, under Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer, during the First World War. It was the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of battleships in that war.

Johnstown Flood

The Johnstown Flood occurred after the catastrophic failure of the South Fork Dam on the Little Conemaugh River 14 miles upstream of the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The dam broke after several days of extremely heavy rainfall, releasing 14.55 million cubic meters of water.

Big Ben is completed

The tower stands 315 feet tall, and the climb from ground level to the belfry is 334 steps. The tower was designed by Augustus Pugin in a neo-gothic style. When completed in 1859, its clock was the largest and most accurate four-faced striking and chiming clock in the world.

Mathematician Évariste Galois dies in a pistol duel

He is known for his contributions to the part of higher algebra known as group theory. His theory solved many long-standing unanswered questions, including the impossibility of trisecting the angle and squaring the circle. The night before the duel Galois wrote notes about a theory of algebraic functions, which had to wait for discovery another 40 years.

Roman catacombs are accidentally rediscovered

Laborers digging for pozzolana earth found a hidden underground chamber. It belonged to the forgotten system of burial places under Rome. First chambers were built in 2nd century AD. One of first known archeologists, and Antonio Bosio (1576 – 1629) dedicated his life to the systematic study of the catacombs.

King Henry III lays the first stone of the oldest bridge of Paris

The Pont Neuf is the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris, France. The decision to build the bridge was made by Henry III who laid its first stone in 1578, the year when the foundations of four piers and one abutment were completed.

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