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Flashback calendar

Brussels attack

A terrorist bomb caused a small explosion at Brussels Central Station in Brussels, Belgium; there were no casualties. Soldiers patrolling the station killed the suspect with 3 to 4 shots, according to eyewitnesses. The perpetrator was Oussama Zariouh, a 36-year-old Moroccan national who had assembled a defective explosive device.

Pakistan heat vawe

A severe heat wave with temperatures as high as 49 °C struck southern Pakistan in June 2015. It caused the deaths of about 2,000 people from dehydration and heat stroke, mostly in Sindh province and its capital city, Karachi. The event followed a separate heat wave in neighboring India that killed 2,500 people.

Graz van attack

The perpetrator, identified as Alen Rizvanović, drove a sports utility vehicle at high speeds through the center of Graz, Austria, killing three people in a matter of minutes and injuring 36 others, some of them seriously. At one point during the attack, Rizvanović got out of the vehicle and stabbed passers-by. He was later arrested by police.

Bulgarian floods

Torrential rains caused severe flash flooding across northeastern Bulgaria leaving dozens of villages without electricity and submerging large parts of several cities in the region. At least 16 people were reported killed – 13 in the Asparuhovo district of Varna, one in Dobrich and two in the village of Tsani Ganchevo in Shumen Province.

Riga Castle fire

Around 22:21 fire broke out in the castle and the firefighters were called in. The castle was guarded by the military police. The Red Hall was almost completely burnt, the White Hall was severely damaged, and the State Festival, Ambassador Accreditation and Coats of Arms halls have all been damaged.

RusAir Tupolev Tu-134 passenger jet crashes

RusAir Flight 9605 was a passenger flight which crashed near Petrozavodsk Airport, Petrozavodsk, Russia. 47 of the 52 on board died. It crashed on approach in bad weather, coming down on A133 highway about 1,200 m short of the runway. As a result of the crash, all Tu-134s were to be withdrawn from commercial service in Russia.

Ezeiza massacre

Peronist masses had gathered there to acclaim Juan Perón's definitive return from an 18-year exile in Spain. Camouflaged snipers from the right-wing of Peronism opened fire on the crowd. The left-wing Peronist Youth and the Montoneros were targeted. At least 13 bodies were subsequently identified, and 365 were injured during the massacre.