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Integrated circuit is patented

The patent was issued to Jack Kilby for his invention of “Miniaturized Electronic Circuits,” now known as integrated circuits, which he assigned to his employer, Texas Instruments. A few months after Kilby's demonstration in 1964, a significantly improved IC device was independently invented by Robert Noyce.

Oral contraceptive pill is made available in the U. S.

The Pill was already approved, but only for menstrual disorders, such as irregular periods or PMS. In May 1960, the FDA had cleared first oral contraceptive for general use. By the end of June, it was finally available. But it was very expensive. The cost was around $10 per month, which is equivalent to $80 today.

American Internet pioneer Vint Cerf is born

Cerf is often called one of the fathers of the internet. With Bob Kahn, he co-designed the internet's cornerstone, the TCP/IP protocol. Cerf also developed the first commercial e-mail service, the MCI Mail. he was instrumental in the funding and formation of ICANN. Cerf worked for Google as a vice-president as well.

Post and Gatty attempt to circumnavigate the world

Wiley Post and Harold Gatty successfully completed an eastbound circumnavigation in the Winnie Mae. Amazingly they completed the flight in 8 days. Apparently, Wiley Post enjoyed the experience so much that he flew another circumnavigation two years later, this time alone.

Sholes receives a patent for 'Type-Writer'

The first row was made of ivory and the second of ebony, the rest of the framework was wooden. It was in this form that Sholes, Glidden, and Soule were granted patents for their invention. The first document to be produced on a typewriter was a contract that Sholes had written, in his capacity as the Comptroller for the city of Milwaukee.

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