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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches the Dragon cargo to space

SpaceX CRS-15 refers to a Commercial Resupply Service mission on the way to the International Space Station. It is launched using a falcon 9 rocket. NASA, as a contractor determines the payload and the dates of the launch. CRS is primarily being used to deliver supplies to the astronauts on the space station.

SpaceX’s rocket explodes

The mission designation was CRS-7. Its objective was to resupply the International Space Station. To accomplish this, SpaceX used the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon unmanned spaceship. The rocket disintegrated 139 seconds after launch. The Dragon capsule continued to send data until it impacted on the surface of the ocean.

Mathematician and computer pioneer Vannevar Bush dies

An American inventor and science administrator, known as a head of the US OSRD during WWII died in Belmont, Massachusetts, after suffering a stroke. According to the doctor, the cause was his lung condition - pneumonia. He was buried at South Dennis Cemetery in South Dennis after a private funeral service.

Tomato is proven non-poisonous

Colonel Robert Gibbon ate a tomato on steps of courthouse in Salem, New Jersey. He wanted to demonstrate that tomatoes are edible, so he ate a whole basket. The tomato is native to western South America. Because it belongs of the deadly nightshade family, it was erroneously thought to be poisonous by Europeans.

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