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Giotto probe is launched

Built and operated by ESA, Giotto was a probe made for flyby of the Halley comet. Indeed, on 13th March 1986 she approached the comet nucleus on just 596 kilometers. Giotto measured chemical composition of the material ejected from the comet and took pictures. Later, in 1990, she studied another comet, Grigg-Skjellerup.

Zeppelin airship flies for the first time

The airship was called LZ 1. Ferdinand von Zeppelin flew her from a floating hangar on Lake Constance in southern Germany. Zeppelins were used for passenger transportation or as early bombers on the beginning of the twentieth century. Later, they were surpassed by aircraft. Today, the are used mostly as experimental vessels.

Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine

Thomas Savery invented the first commercially used steam powered device, a steam pump which is often referred to as an "engine". Savery's "engine" was a revolutionary method of pumping water, which solved the problem of mine drainage and made widespread public water supply practicable.

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