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Top U.K. tabloid tanks after a phone-hacking scandal

The News of the World was a high-selling British national newspaper, After the phone-hacking allegations, it was found the newspaper hired a private investigator that intercepted the voicemail of a missing teen who was later found murdered. The backlash from the public forced the closure of the newspaper.

Shazam is born

Shazam was developed and released by Shazam Entertainment Ltd as an application which purpose was to identify music, movies, advertising and TV shows, using a microphone of the device and short sample. The app debuted on iPhone 2.0 with the launch of Apple’s App Store. It enabled the user to buy the song directly from iTunes.

Oil price hits all-time high above $147

Growing worries about threats to oil supplies from Iran and Nigeria, combined with a planned strike of Brazilian oil workers caused the oil prices to jump up by $5, reaching a record value of $147 per barrel. The prices at the time reached value 7-times as high as in 2002 and jumped by 50% during this year alone.

Manuel Noriega is sentenced to 40 years in Miami

Manuel Noriega was a Panamanian politician, military officer and leader of Panama in 80s. The US invasion of Panama, known as Operation Just Cause removed him from power. He was captured and transferred to Miami where he stood a trial in the federal courthouse. Noriega was found guilty of 8 out of 10 charges.

Boris Yeltsin swears in as 1st elected Russian president

During the elections for the newly created post of President of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Yeltsin defeated Nikolai Ryzhkov and 4 other candidates, earning 57% of the popular vote. Upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the resignation of Gorbachev, Yeltsin remained in the office as president.

French agents blow up Greenpeace boat in Auckland

As a retaliation against Greenpeace for their protests against nuclear testing, French foreign intelligence services sunk the Rainbow Warrior in what is known as Opération Satanique. The ship was bombed at the Port of Auckland in New Zealand by 2 agents. A photographer, Fernando Pereira drowned on the sinking ship.

Allies land in Sicily

The invasion of Sicily by Allies was codenamed as Operation Husky. The invasion began with an amphibious and airborne operation. Prior to the landing, there were 2 American and 2 British attacks by airborne troops. The amphibious landings were made on 26 main beaches, spread along 105 miles of southern and eastern coasts.

Nazi planes open the Battle of Britain

The Nazi Luftwaffe launched a large-scale attack against Britain, in order to compel them to agree to a negotiated peace settlement. The Nazis started the air and sea blockade, targeting mostly coastal-shipping convoys, ports and shipping centers. Night bombing attacks on cities known as Blitz followed in next months.

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