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Commuter train derails in Paris

The train crash occurred in the commune of Brétigny-sur-Orge in the southern suburbs of Paris, France, when a passenger train carrying 385 people derailed and hit the station platform. Seven people were killed and nearly 200 were injured.

7.8 earthquake hits Hokkaido Japan, 160 killed

A large earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Japan's the west coast of Hokkaido and the small offshore island of Okushiri in the Sea of Japan, generated a destructive tsunami. The $600 million in property losses were caused primarily by the tsunami. A total of 239 people were killed.

National Personal Records Center fire

The 1973 National Archives fire occurred at the Military Personnel Records Center in Overland, Missouri, striking a severe blow to the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States. MPRC, the custodian of military service records, lost approximately 16–18 million official military personnel records as a result of the fire.

Race riot in Chicago

The Chicago West Side Riot was a public disarray. Chicago PD Patrolman Thomas Munyon shot 20-year-old Aracelis Cruz, sparking a wave of protests that would give a voice to the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, and create a lasting impact on the place of Latino voices in Chicago.