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First footage captures rare white giraffes

A pair of white giraffes were spotted in an area where HCP, a Kenya-based non-governmental organization, and partner Rainforest Trust are protecting habitat for the hirola antelope. Rangers reported the white giraffes after hearing about them from villagers who live nearby, according to HCP, which rushed to the scene to see for themselves.

Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched

Main mission goal was launching the TDRS-E satellite. The flight also tested a new advanced heatpipe radiator for potential use on the then-future space station and conducted a variety of medical and materials science investigations. The mission was also notable for being the first one to send an e-mail from space.

Scottish-born inventor Alexander Graham Bell dies

He is credited with patenting the first practical telephone and founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). Bell’s invention of the telephone was influenced by the fact that both his mother and wife were deaf. Bell himself considered telephone intrusive and refused to have it in his study.

The world's first underground tube railway opens in London

In 1869 a 1,340-foot circular tunnel was dug through the London clay using a cast iron shield, an idea that had been patented in 1864 by Peter W. Barlow but never built. A 2 ft 6 in narrow gauge railway was laid in the tunnel and from 1870 a cable-hauled wooden carriage conveyed passengers from one end to the other.

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