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Harris County shooting

48-year-old African-American David Ray Conley broke into Texas Harris County of his former girlfriend, Valerie Jackson. He took Jackson and six children as a hostage, including his 13-year-old son whom he shot. Later, he surrendered to the police. The trial is in progress, the prosecutor demands the death penalty and advocates seek a perpetrator's statement to be mentally handicapped.

A mudslide in Zhugqu County, Gansu, China

At least 127 people are dead and another 2,000 missing after landslides and floodwaters swept through a county in north-western China overnight. Half of the town of Zhouqu, in the south of Gansu province, was submerged. 300 homes were engulfed by mud in the nearby village of Yueyuan, said an official.

Marcinelle disaster

A mining disaster occurred at Bois du Cazier, a coal mine in the town of Marcinelle, currently a part of Charleroi in Belgium. Electric cables in the shaft ruptured, starting the underground fire. Air and oil pipes soon followed, making the fire even worse. Smoke and carbon killed 262 men trapped in the mine by the fire.