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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is released in New York

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will make its debut at a Samsung Unpacked event in New York, before it goes on sale two weeks later. The Note 9 is expected to pack a sizable 6.38in display, bigger than the Note 8's 6.32in offering. It could also be the first Samsung flagship to tout an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Salmon becomes world’s first GM animal on sale

The decision marks the first time a genetically modified animal has been approved to enter the United States food supply. The decision came nearly twenty years after the company first submitted data to the FDA, and after they had raised ten generations of the animals.

Firestone announces massive tire recall

The Firestone and Ford tire controversy was a period of unusually high failures of P235/75R15 ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires installed on the Ford Explorer and other related vehicles. The tire failures are linked to 271 fatalities and over eight hundred injuries in the United States with more injuries and fatalities occurring internationally.

Ford takes over as Nixon quits

After the Watergate scandal, Nixon, because of his involvement, resigned on his presidency, meaning that the current Vice President Gerald Ford assumed the office. He was the 1st person to serve as president without being elected. Ford granted a presidential pardon to Nixon, which resulted in a major backlash from the public.

Switzerland leaves the Bretton Woods currency system

Other nations began to demand redemption of their dollars for gold. Switzerland redeemed $50 million in July. France acquired $191 million in gold. As the dollar dropped in value against European currencies, Switzerland left the Bretton Woods system.

Singapore is expelled from Malaysia

Singapur used to be one of the 14 states of Malaysia until was expelled due to distrust and ideological differences between Singapore leaders and the government of Malaysia. To avoid the bloodshed, the Parliament voted 126-0 in favor of expulsion, making Singapore a sovereign, independent nation.

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