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Motorway bridge collapse in Genoa

At around 11:30 local time a 200-meter part of bridge Ponte Morandi collapsed during a torrential rainstorm. At the time of the collapse, about 20 cars were on the bridge. The bridge crosses the Polcevera stream and an industrial area of ​​Sampierdarena.

Sierra Leone mudslides

On the morning of August 14, 2017, significant mudflow events occurred in and around the capital city of Freetown in Sierra Leone. Following three days of torrential rainfall, mass wasting of mud and debris damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings in the city, killing 1,141 people and leaving more than 3,000 homeless.

UPS Airlines Flight 1354 crashes

UPS Airlines Flight 1354 was a scheduled cargo flight from Louisville, Kentucky, to Birmingham, Alabama. The Airbus A300 crashed and burst into flames short of the runway on approach to Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport. Both pilots were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. They were the only people aboard the aircraft.

Rabaa masacre

After the casting and arrest of the president, Mohamed Morsi El Ayata army broke out in Egypt riots supported by The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations. The army is tried to push the demonstrators out of two Cairo squares of Al Nahda and Rabaa al-Adawiya. There were a shooting during which hundreds of people were killed - demonstrators, interceptors, and soldiers.

Yazidi communities bombings

During the 2007 Yazidi communities bombings 4 co-ordinated suicide bomb attacks detonated in the Yazidi towns of Qahtaniyah and Jazeera, near Mosul in Iraq. The Iraqi Red Crescent estimated that the bombs killed at least 500 and wounded 1,500 people, making this the Iraq War's most deadly car bomb attack. It is also the 5th deadliest act of terrorism in history, following the 2017 Mogadishu bombings in Somalia.