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The Smithsonian announces the discovery of the olinguito

The olinguito is a mammal of the raccoon family Procyonidae that lives in montane forests in the Andes of western Colombia and Ecuador. The species was described as new in 2013. The species name neblina is Spanish for fog or mist, referring to the cloud forest habitat of the olinguito.

Voyager 1 reaches a distance of 100 astronomical units from the Sun

One astronomical is roughly equal the average distance of Earth from the Sun, approximately 150 million kilometres. This equals to the average speed of 24.57 kilometres per second, which is around eighty percent of Earth’s orbital speed. As of June 2018, Voyager 1 is the spacecraft most distant from Earth.

The Big Ear receives a radio signal from deep space

The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal received by Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope in the United States, then used to support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The signal appeared to come from the constellation Sagittarius and bore the expected hallmarks of extraterrestrial origin.

Bathysphere submarine dives to a depth of 922.934 metres

The vessel was designed in by the American engineer Otis Barton, to be used by the naturalist William Beebe for studying undersea wildlife. They conducted dives in the Bathysphere together. The Bathysphere was first craft making possible for marine biologist to observe deep-sea organisms in their native environment.

French physicist Louis de Broglie is born

In 1924 he postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as the de Broglie hypothesis, an example of wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics. This duality was soon proved experimentally.

British archaeologist and diplomat Thomas E. Lawrence is born

Better known as Lawrence of Arabia, he participated on the excavations of Carchemish, a Hittite city on the upper Euphrates, from 1910 to 1914. During the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks from 1916 to 1918, he worked as a liaison officer with rebel forces. He wrote a famous book about this mission entitled "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".

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