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Scientists Identify Earth's Oldest Flowering Plant

The fossil species is called Montsechia vidalii. It lived approximately 125 to 130 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period. Remains of Montsechia vidalii were first discovered over 100 years ago in limestone deposits in the Pyrenees and Iberian Mountains in Spain. Unfortunately, they were misinterpreted. Botanists failed to recognize their significance.

Electric car starter is patented

Before the invention of the electric starter, engines were started by a removable crank handle. It was romantic but also difficult and dangerous. The behaviour of an engine during starting is not always predictable. It can kick back. This could cause a violent jerk, which can lead to the injury of the operator.

The world's first steamboat Clermont makes its maiden voyage

The steamer's inaugural run was helmed by Captain Andrew Brink, and left New York in 1807, with a complement of invited guests aboard. They arrived in Albany two days later, after 32 hours of travel time and a 20-hour stop at Livingston's estate, Clermont Manor. The return trip was completed in 30 hours with only a one-hour stop at Clermont.

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