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Largest passenger hovercrafts retire

Famous vessels Princess Margaret and Princess Anne were taken out of service. Designed in 1968 they were capable taking 300 passengers and 50 cars across the English Channel in just 25 minutes. They were replaced by slower but larger and cheaper catamarans (600 passengers and 90 cars in 45 minutes).

Concorde breaks sound barrier

Concorde jet exceeded the speed of sound for the first time. It was exactly 13 years after the founding of the study group for supersonic passenger aircraft design by British government. Altogether 20 Concords were built. Flight from Paris to New York by Concorde took under 3.5 hours. The Concords served for 27 years.

Jet plane demonstration

Hermann Göring, German minister of aviation and ex World War 1 fighter pilot ace, inspects Heinkel He 178, the first usable jet plane ever. The aircraft has already completed its first flight, on august 29 1939. It was built around one of the first jet engines, HeS 3. He 178 maximal speed was 598 km/h.

Airship distance record

German hydrogen-filled rigid airship Graf Zeppelin made its first intercontinental trip. She travelled 9,926 km from Friedrichshafen in Germany to Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst in New Jersey. For many years it was longest airship flight. The record was broken in 1957 by American non-rigid Airship Snowbird.

First affordable car

Ford Motor Company started the production of its Model T, also known as Tin Lizzie. The car was produced with use of an assembly line. That's why a typical American family could afford it. Ford sold 16.5 million of these cars. Model T is one of the best-selling cars of all time. Last Model T left the factory in 1927.

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