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New type of infectious agent

American biologist Stanley Prusiner discovered prions. Prion is an infection agent composed of normal protein. However, this protein is folded in a way which causes disease. This abnormal way of folding can be transmitted to other molecules of the same protein and spread. Examples of prion diseases are mad cow disease or kuru.

First normal exoplanet

Astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz discovered a planet orbiting a sun-like star 51 Pegasi. It was a second officially confirmed exoplanet. The first one, however, orbits a neutron star – remnant of stellar explosion, very different from our Sun. As of august 2017, there have been over 3600 confirmed exoplanets.

Thomas Edison shows his first motion picture

Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor, who developed devices such as phonograph, the motion picture camera and light bulb. Edison worked on the motion picture camera together with W. K. L. Dickson. They made the Strip Kinetograph which took pictures so fast that they would seem to move.

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