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George Weah rises from footballer to President

Weah alleged that the election had been rigged through voter intimidation and ballot tampering, and many of his supporters protested the results in the streets of Monrovia. After assurances that the vote was fair, several prominent African leaders called on Weah's supporters to accept the result with grace and dignity, and Sirleaf became President.


Doug Jarvis sets an NHL record

A former Canadian hockey player, Douglas Jarvis spent 23 years playing on a professional level. During his career, he played for Montreal Canadiens, Washington Capitals and Hartford Whalers in the NHL. Jarvis never missed a regular season game, resulting in him setting a new record for most consecutive games played in the NHL by playing 964th game in a row.


The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo

The Olympic Flame was lit by Yoshinori Sakai, a man who was born in Hiroshima on the day the atomic bomb was dropped. The song for the opening ceremony was composed by Yūji Koseki. The broadcast of the ceremony was watched by over 70% of the viewing public.


The first team wins a championship after relocating

The Milwaukee Braves team won its first and only World Series championship while based in Milwaukee. The Braves won 95 games and lost 59 to win the National League pennant by eight games over the second-place St. Louis Cardinals.

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